• What can I do for my partner? She says what I do for them 2019-01-13

    I need your help I love this woman more than anything she tells me she does everything for me for them I was nothing, no material things. What gestures little things can I do? I'm just not it what she wants to say through the flower out. Wass can I d

    Tags: Relationship Love
  • Hello I need your help how can I / do in Clash Of Clans much gold elixir? 2019-01-12

    So how can I in clash of clans Gold and make elixir? I'm rh Lvl 9've barbarian lvl 5 and bogis also with whom I would also like to attack ... My brother is also rh Lvl 9 but has ne better defense though I have more games than he ... and his bearing s

    Tags: ios clashofclans
  • make wild garlic at room temperature Stable 2019-01-12

    Hello, you can make wild garlic at room temperature shelf life? Drying is out here. Tastes not really dried. Reason for the room temperature is as follows: We have in our apartment only a normal fridge with small freezer. Both I'd not completely full

    Tags: recipe Refrigerator wild garlic preservation durable + fridge
  • Long Iceland or madrid longboard? 2019-01-12

    Which is better, the madrid trance www.blue-tomato.com/de-DE/product/Madrid-Miami+Trance+39+Complete-301865209-miam ... or the long Iceland pointer --answer-- trance and pointers are in the setup already relatively similar ... what is quality, I am i

    Tags: Leisure longboard
  • I 16 them 12 does this fit? 2019-01-12

    Hey guys I'm 16 years male and had what. With a 12-year-old on the music journey She and I got along from the start and still understand us but my Super freundeskreis is completely against it. With what had I meant only to kiss and cuddle. And she's

    Tags: Relationship girls
  • Knee Pain - bursitis 2019-01-12

    Hello zsm ... I for several weeks / months problems with my knees ... And I get severe pain shortly after or while I did sports / do. when I jog 20mins or 1hr schwimmtraing hab ... The pain then the whole knee and hold for several days and the knee s

    Tags: Pain knee injury
  • Is copying pages from the Internet a crime? 2019-01-12

    I play the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3DS and there about this game a few useful sites on the Internet, I would like to copy the (private) keep in order not every time to have when I möschte know something go to the internet! When I am now punish

    Tags: Games Internet Games + Games legal website Copy private punishable Fundamental rights

    I need the instructions for this u. In which chamber I give the washing powder. thank you. --answer-- Hello Aminros, Prewash = I or V Wash cycle = II or H Softener = a flower or III Greeting HobbyTfz Should be the left tray. http://www.manualslib.com

    Tags: instruction manual washer
  • Returns refund Amazon Seller 2019-01-12

    Hello dear community, I have a question to me is not entirely conclusive from the FAQ by Amazon Verkäuferbereicht. I sell for several weeks item below on Amazon and get for each item the money minus the selling fees. But how it works with the shippin

    Tags: costs Amazon shipping retailers Amazon + shipping
  • Shotokan Karate Do, Psv Bielefeld 2019-01-12

    Moin, have to learn before the psv Bielefeld Shotokan Karate Do as I have a lot of reading about Shotokan Karate but negative criticism, I am undecided whether Shotokan Karate Do is good for SV. Can you tell me how do you think? --answer-- I do this

    Tags: Karate PSV
  • Difficult time of my life by standing ?! 2019-01-11

    Hello My mom has cancer (almost in the final stage) and I'm terrified of losing them. And I really do not know if they died like me then to deal with it. Do you have some advice for me? Every day I have to remember and at school I can hardly concentr

    Tags: Health family Psyche mother death family + psyche loss
  • Why is YouTube not at night? 2019-01-11

    Hello So my problem is that YouTube often does not work in the evening. On mobile everything goes great, but not on the PC. What could be wrong? --answer-- have Unitymedia as a Horizon box? Yes that's probably underutilized servers, but that should n

    Tags: Youtube Mobile mobile + Youtube
  • Wound up for workout be? 2019-01-11

    Go immediately to the workout and want to correct today extremely train. I'd coffee or something to drink, but I did not. energy not even drinks. Any options as I'm psyched? --answer-- Can you hear kollegah and Farid. Then you turn on pretty. To not

    Tags: Train Wound up
  • Wisdom teeth at age 16, all 4? 2019-01-11

    Hey, was now at the dentist to check my teeth and have made, an x-ray of my teeth. The doctor said my wisdom teeth need to be taken as soon as possible. He thought my teeth would top and before my wisdom teeth begin to make pain or move my other, I s

    Tags: Help Pain teeth Doctor dentist doctor + pain quickly
  • Calories burned while bicycling 2019-01-11

    I wanted to know how many calories I get home burning in my daily way from school ... I go out almost entirely downhill, only a small mountain inside. I'm going out so 10min. The return trip is as good as steeply, 20-25min I then go. If the value of

    Tags: Sports slimming School Bicycle cycling calories decrease + Sport
  • Divorce Help Krefeld 2019-01-11

    Hi I have the following problem I have been 5 even almost 6 years away from my wife at the time but am still Verheirattet. She agrees not a sign or nothing the things that come from the office or from the advocate of nothing matters what can I do I w

    Tags: divorce wedding
  • Printer 4 in 1 2019-01-11

    Hello. I want to lay me a printer 4 in 1 (copying, scanning, printing ind Fax). Does anyone have a recommendation for me? It should be: - budget, - Quick - Quiet and Druckerpstronen should not be so expensive. Are there any other criteria that may be

    Tags: printer fax machine
  • How should I administer suppositories my daughter? 2019-01-11

    Hello, My daughter had a hernia and would now operates, last night before the op she scored a suppository and is very good to sleep because you had a lot of theater and has not come to rest. At first she said to me, I will not go to sleep with someth

    Tags: children soporific anesthetic narcotic sleeping pill +
  • Micro SD from the Sony Xperia Z3 2019-01-11

    Today the cover me is broken and wants to replace it quickly, because otherwise could accumulate a lot of dust Does anyone know a shop (online works also) where you can buy the / order? (come from Austria) Thank you! --answer-- could Online you would

    Tags: micro sd SONY XPERIA Z3
  • Grammar German -0 2019-01-10

    "The first and the second verse IS or BESTEHEB from four verses? --answer-- In lists, the verb is plural. composed or: both the first and the second consists of ...

    Tags: German grammar



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