• Is this nooooormal? 2017-11-16

    I've already 2 weeks wept but now I can not cry anymore anyway. Is that normal ? It is because my ex and I still love him! --answer-- Now if you have no more tears, after two weeks, so that's a good sign. "Normal" is when you start slow to catch

    Tags: crying friends
  • Which is better mac book air or Mac Book pro 2017-11-16

    what to buy --answer-- MacBook air Mac Book Pro

    Tags: Hardware Apple Macbook Computers Apple Hardware +
  • How is called this breed? asked dog connoisseurs ;-) 2017-11-16

    Question is above. Thanks in advance! --answer-- I think the dog for a half-breed ... I thought with a Staff ??? The look I find CLASS !!! The intended still quite young ... Also think that's a hybrid, but need not. Perhaps Boxer, Stafford or somethi

    Tags: Dog Labrador Breed Boxer Golden Retriever Labrador breed +
  • First ballet class - what do I need? And experience :) 2017-11-16

    Huhu: D I talk times not long about the bush ^^ So tomorrow or next Friday I'll have my very first ballet class. I am now recently turned 17, I would like to make as a hobby :) Job Fair I have something else in mind ^^ I would like to know if someone

    Tags: ballet Dance beginners beginners + Ballet
  • what should I talk about the first date? 2017-11-16

    I am a 13 year old boy and had my first date on Friday;) I am fully excited and not know exactly what I want to talk to her Thank you in advance :) --answer-- I would first of her talk a little bit like the girls :), then yes you can from tell you so

    Tags: Girl Date
  • Jugendweihe girl 2017-11-15

    Hello ^^ This question applies particularly to the girl ... So I in May Jugendweihe (I know it's early but I need a plan) and wanted to ask her what there so anhattet. Thank you very much :) --answer-- Hello :) I have this year Jugendweihe and would

    Tags: Girl Jugendweihe
  • What should I answer her? love 1234531 2017-11-15

    Hey :) I love a girl in my class .. and she writes very often with me :) Just today about something else. How can I tell you now that I love her? --answer-- This is far too early. People, especially girls / women react with such emotion expressions o

    Tags: Love girls
  • planking for the po? 2017-11-15

    Hey guys :), anyone know a planking 'pose', the po trained to? Thank you in advance --answer-- Do squats then growing your a * sch already Give times in youtube Po-trainer a ... since then join videos with the most different exercises and difficulty

    Tags: training Sport trousers Planking Po + training pants + Training
  • Physics Doppler Effect 2017-11-15

    Hello, I have to figure out a math example the speed of the moving body approaches a stationary sound source. If this formula because correct? v = ((Fs x (1 + c)) / Fb where Fs is the stationary sound source and Fb of the moving observer. Thank you,

    Tags: Physics Mathematics
  • Doorbell pranks display !? What is happening 2017-11-15

    Hi: 7 I have a problem unzwar, My troops and I have more often doorbell pranks done in our district, often even in the same person even with a type (construction company rental apartments) From and gekloppft to the window. A buddy Lives in renting So

    Tags: Display police
  • Can I play on medium to high with the laptop dying light? 2017-11-15

    Question is above :) Thank you so much in advance! Http: //www.notebooksbilliger.de/msi+ge60+2pei781fd/eqsqid/4e133026-11a9-4abc-999 ... --answer-- throw out the HDD and put an SSD min. 250GB ... While costs NEN hunni worthwhile .... but then the lap

    Tags: Gaming Dying Light
  • Which tripod for my Sony HDR CX320E? 2017-11-15

    Hello, I'm looking for a suitable tripod for my Sony HDR CX320E, as I soon fly to Lanzarote and there would mock plane at the airport. The stand should have a relatively large amount for adjusting have to ensure that the fence does not interfere (1.5

    Tags: Film Camera tripod camera tripod
  • Horse does not accept the saddle! 2017-11-14

    Hello first, I have a very big problem with my mare. She's Reika is 9 and a half years old and comes from a bad attitude, I did get pregnant with approximately 8 in order to to spice up. Now she has her stallion foal Paulo get the already 1 year. Pau

    Tags: Horses
  • why they do that?! 8 2017-11-14

    alsoo .. written a few weeks ago me a girl. So when the song littlethings of obe direction she totally smiled at me and forefinger so laid chin on her. (In music) won the jz what mean? she unso contacted me about a week long, and after that only she

    Tags: Love
  • University Hospital Dusseldorf 2017-11-14

    I need recipes so special creams for my skin ... I need a date or can I as well as to go? --answer-- I would definitely call in advance and ask if you can pick out the recipe that. If you need an appointment but namely, You have not saved a way!

    Tags: recipe Skin Dusseldorf eczema University Hospital
  • Minecraft Server Lost! 2017-11-14

    Hay guys, I know this is villeicht the wrong place to ask something but I'm looking inen minecraft server cheer I played when I was little and I can well remember the house and etc me still but not the names of the servers .. .! Although I do not thi

    Tags: Server Minecraft Help lost Minecraft server
  • Dress sewing, HELP 2017-11-14

    Hi, I'm a little anime cosplay fan and have seen in the anime "another" a doll with a dress that you can definitely buy nowhere. Could we realize and sew this dress? --answer-- Hm, looks in the picture, like a simple negligee. Sure you can sew s

    Tags: Anime sew
  • wanted Tumblr Themes 2017-11-14

    Hi, I'm looking for a Tumblr theme since some days. I can not find it anywhere. Neither with google with source info yet. The theme looks like this: http://yocxnt.tumblr.com/ If one had any idea it would be great if you would tell it to me! Regards H

    Tags: Tumblr theme
  • Install Renault twingo old model TFT RADIO 2017-11-14

    Hello people, hab mal ne ask, it is possible at one twingo the heating controller to put down and where the standard is heizungs panel inside radio to build a? can someone tell me how I can make the best and easiest? --answer-- What some ideas for wh

    Tags: Radio TFT Cars Renault twingo Radio + Renault
  • Should I help her or not? 2017-11-14

    It's about my Nebensitzerin in math. I have known her for the past six months and find it quite nice, but so slowly I do not know what to do. It is really bad at math and if I have time in class I'll tell her things and tell her also often things, th

    Tags: Math School Friends friends + Math



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