• durable children's shoes for boys 2019-09-02

    Hello. Sohnemann is 10 years old and VERY active. He has constantly 2 pairs of shoes and these are by max. Four weeks through. This means that the sole is completely worn through the big toe or on the ball. Question: What shoes last longer? There's s

    Tags: Shoes children
  • What makes a Furry? 2019-09-02

    --answer-- Now it depends on whether you '' mean the person or the animal ,,. if your question is whether you are a furry, then only you can answer this question. and if the demand for the animal ,, '' then you can wikipedia or any other type of page

    Tags: figure Anime Manga character Cartoons Furry character + Manga
  • Should I go to the doctor tomorrow prefer? 2019-09-02

    Hi, yes the holidays are over tomorrow and I have quite caught cold. Mir is constantly bad, I have a severe headache, rhinitis, abdominal pain and diarrhea. Tomorrow I would have to actually to 18h to my internship, I'm but really bad. This looks to

    Tags: sick School Internship sick leave sick + Internship artz
  • Tomodachi life together \ Marry 2019-09-01

    I have two residents in TDL, which were quite normal friends (Funny) .Then, the boy falls in love with the girl and asked them whether they be together wollen.Aber the girl has dumped in. Then they were just about two days a bit more friendly (mostly

    Tags: Nintendo Tomodachi Life
  • Summary WW1 Western Front? 2019-09-01

    I need your help. I have in history a lecture worry about WW1 Western Front. I have to Finally, a summary write but I do not know how ... It does not have to be much. But you could be so kind and one probably summed me 3-4 sentences? Thank you in adv

    Tags: Abstract ww1
  • Problem with myself! What to do? 2019-09-01

    Hey guys, I have a little problem lately I have a strange feeling as if something is going to happen in inner I tell myself hey others your life I add me often wonder what am I doing here? I am somehow become different, you know what this could be? W

    Tags: life feeling
  • Deposit for open Charges withheld? 2019-09-01

    A tenant has moved out. Apartment dispensing with protocol has occurred. Unfortunately, none was taken when moving. It was agreed to return the deposit within 2 months to the tenant and so recorded in the dispensing protocol. But Nebenkostenabrechnun

    Tags: security deposit In addition to costs
  • Clinic With a dog? NO REHA! 2019-09-01

    I ask now for a question that has been asked many times certainly have hope it turned out something new ... I (23w) need urgent help, looking for a clinic where I can take my dog ​​(12 years Jack russel bitch), because they only hold my still. which

    Tags: Pets Dog clinic rehabilitation Pets Clinic +
  • EBay minimum price! 2019-09-01

    Hey, I want my shoes to sell on eBay, have a minimum price of 100 euros given. The first has 100 directly what indeed reached 11 euros offered and the 2nd 30 & 3rd of the minimum price. But none About Provides him jz. When the auction is over for how

    Tags: Ebay
  • Dog pees continues Curtains: / 2019-09-01

    Hi I have a 7 month old chihuahua puppies. This pisses but takes in my room the curtains fully. I always go with him took a walk 3 times a day, but he does it can trotzdem.mwas i do to keep him (fürimmer)? --answer-- throw away curtains, as long as t

    Tags: urine Dog
  • As I get used to my dog ​​barking from when I'm not at home 2019-09-01

    How can I quickly my dog ​​give up barking when I have to work and he is alone. Prefer avoid trouble with neighbors. --answer-- I suppose your dog just can not stay alone and has loss fears. remain Practice with him alone in small steps (if you're no

    Tags: Animals Dog zoology barking dog + dog ownership bark
  • forgotten pill (Qlaira) - Pregnant? 2019-08-31

    Hello, I hope you can help me and am now grateful about every tip you can give to me .. so I did that very first time forget my pill. There is a 28 day pill and you take them always. Now I have a day 24 Missing a pill (I only noticed the next day) an

    Tags: Pill pregnancy forget forget pregnancy + morning-after pill
  • How you educate your Dsungarian dwarf hamster? 2019-08-31

    How much food he gets, how much he weighs what you play with him .................... --answer-- Hamster does not educate you, there are very often pure observation animals. My, then eight years, son once told a friend who wanted to play with one of

    Tags: dwarf hamster
  • Quick channel views on YouTube get (known to be) 2019-08-31

    How quickly on YouTube are known to be promoted by other YouTubers without? My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpV8gjjhuOTCk0GvSovqnOQ --answer-- Lurid headlines, T! Tten in thumbnail, your channel on Youtube and spam (Attention, irony, alt

    Tags: Internet Youtube
  • BAFÖG debt for studying 2019-08-31

    Hello my dears, I in November last year a request for early repayment of my student loans - placed debt. Now it is so that my application is still being processed. What do you all mean? When will I receive the Redemption - and notice of assessment? I

    Tags: training Studies university Student loans Office Debt student loans and Studies
  • Dog is restless and nervous ?! 2019-08-31

    Hello. My 2 year old dog always runs very restless through the apartment and whimpers, even if only 1 window is on. What could this mean, and what can you do about oo ?! * Window = restless, always looking to the window, whimpers, can not relax. * Wi

    Tags: Dog Restless
  • Blood-C Dog 2019-08-31

    Hi, I recently the anime Blood-C looked and there was at Saya's side always this dog ... only I ultimately did not understand who or what this dog was ... can you please enlighten me XD thank you in advance --answer-- That was one of the first animes

    Tags: Blood-C anime
  • Youtube, a new video, google + alert 2019-08-31

    Hi, how you can adjust on Youtube that subscribers get a Google+ notification when you upload a new video? --answer-- Can not that have to make even the subscribers ...

    Tags: Video Youtube subscription subscription + Video
  • Minecraft Item Name Changes in Resource Pack 2019-08-31

    How can I change the item name?

    Tags: Minecraft Name Textures pack
  • Female to Female adapter in German? 2019-08-30

    What is this article in German http: //www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-A-Female-to-USB-A-Female-Coupler-Connector-Adapt ... ? --answer-- Female is the German coupling or female and Male connector. This thing is a USB to USB connector from the end of a (male

    Tags: Ebay USB



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