• As parents (if it is true) old dog from the shelter make them palatable? 2017-09-13

    Hi =) Unfortunately our beloved dog was euthanized over Christmas. = (Now I've noticed that my dad probably was superior to get another dog. I think the idea now definitely too early. And I talked to my mother that if then definitely an old dog from

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  • My dog ​​has been injured! What should I do? (Image) 2017-09-13

    He's bleeding like crazy !! Should I vet immediately or heals by itself? --answer-- Had my dog ​​also. Must be stapled or stitched. Fast! From the TA, the can with a disinfecting ointment treat and join or sew. This will decide the TA, possibly to be

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  • What feeding her your dog? (Dog Food) 2017-09-13

    Hello community :) I'm looking for a good dog food because you know what? canis alpha is very good that like my dog ​​but not I just real nature in the eye there is now in the new varieties (Wilderniss) no more sugar in it So could you please recomme

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  • The jungeee 2017-09-13

    Hello, few days before me a young often looked at in the breaks but for about 2 days, he tried "unobtrusive" way to schauenund ignored me. I do not know what happened to him and why he has so suddenly changed. I hope you can help me

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  • Help! Dog totally wild and nibbling on her paws. Urgently! 2017-09-13

    After walking --answer-- From the veterinarian determines entered into something or it was streusalz on the road ... Look after, there's definitely a thorn. Or it was very cold.

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  • Funny dog ​​name searched 2017-09-13

    What is the name of this dog? thanks for the reply: D --answer-- That's Doge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doge_%28meme%29

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  • My dog ​​has torn off the lead going 2017-09-13

    I have 3 months are a German Shepherd 1 year, still very playful, had torn at our doorstep and going in the street and walked toward her. It did not happen, but I had some trouble to catch them one. Today I received a letter from Ordnungsamt get my d

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  • How can I be a dog trainer? 2017-09-12

    Hello! I would like to be dog trainer, but do not know quite how: D must as a course for a make trainer's license or is a proper education? And where can I learn? (I live in Schleswig Holstein) --answer-- You have to make §11 to this but insist you s

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  • dog has eaten chit scripture with edding! 2017-09-12

    Help! What should you do if the dog has a piece of paper with edding eaten scripture ?! Can he die? Please write anything with go to the doctor and so, I know even ... Thanks;) --answer-- Nothing will happen, he can also eat bone and are digested. Th

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  • More food for the dog? 2017-09-12

    Hello after some problems eating my dog ​​dackelmix 5 months old now again plentiful just he has his lunch portion wet and dry food eaten was now very great because I had to make the box empty. Now my mum thinks ih should purely make him Nochwas beca

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  • Creating garden for dog 2017-09-12

    If there are more dog people (except me and a few friends) interested in a private garden planning for their dogs (play areas, rest areas, edible plants, ...)? I would like to make my own business in this area, but I am not sure if the market for it

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  • What is on this picture for a breed of dog?

    What is on this picture for a breed of dog? 2017-09-12

    What is on this picture for a breed of dog: Thank you in advance :) --answer-- Berger Blanc Suisse Greetings S. Hello Toneymar. Probably a "Swiss Scägehund text from Google.de.: Nature / education: The White Swiss Shepherd is a family and companion d

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  • Dog clamped tail and do not want to run, what's wrong? 2017-09-12

    Hello, So, as I said my dog ​​behaves in strange. So it started about an hour ago, I just bring my cat pack together, my mother opened the door blank, it mam where the battle, a small scuffle. My dog, 1 and a half years, pekinese-Chihuahua mix wanted

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  • My girlfriend kicked me with dog out of your apartment. 2017-09-12

    Hi, I'm desperate. I moved 3 years ago from Hamburg to Berlin to my partner. It was not all just as we imagined. Again and again armed. Now you want that I am until tomorrow 14:00 disappeared with my dog. Since you did not, I go to work, I'm sanction

    Tags: homeless
  • Dog hatTumor on the upper eyelid 2017-09-12

    Hello, my dog ​​has a tumor on the upper eyelid. Was not the TA, but erkungigt me with a neighbor (dog trainer). You may think it's a hailstone. Weiss maybe someone whether that is bad and may have to be removed? --answer-- A hailstone is a benign, p

    Tags: Dog Eyes
  • Dog neutered? (Fur change) 2017-09-11

    We have an Irish setter golden retriever mix rude ... and are now from a given fundamental thinking on whether he should not or neutered! but it is not decisive to give a point of contra! is it true that the coat is changing? how is it changing? has

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  • Dog at other times used? 2017-09-11

    Hi I have a 8 months Dachshund (Hündinn) Your hours are 6:00; 12:00; 18:00; 21:00 Still I go 4 times with her out, and quite Housebroken it is not .... So she now does more than simply somewhere special you could tell that it is quiet when it needs :

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  • Dog teach "Schleck attack": D 2017-09-11

    Hi, I have recently seen a dog who has made to command a "Schleck attack", is therefore approached the owner and he has licked his face all the time. I thought that was quite funny. Has anyone any idea how I can teach my dog ​​this? My dog ​​lic

    Tags: Dog worm teach tricks
  • Dog now blind? ... 2017-09-11

    Hello My little dog has lost an eye because of an accident in front of about 3 years. Today the small dog begins to fight on ... the great. Now he is bleeding eye. We pat the starting straight and cool. But it looks like he would see. Today we can no

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  • Dog breed fraud - Disease - Help 2017-09-11

    Hello! I have the following problem: seven years ago I did my Retriever dog from a reputable breeder but (the best breeding site in the area) around 1600 € buy the breeder has a first class pedigree, most health and all that promised me. all his dogs

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