• Dog is so funny to me .. 2019-08-30

    Hello :) I have a shih tzu is 7 months old. I try to educate him well and to play with it .. My problem is that he initially very listened to me and now so is he stopping play / finished, I have to play motivation with him and will also motivate him

    Tags: Games Relationship Education Animals friendship Dog character dog behavior relationship + Animals
  • female dog names 2019-08-30

    Hello wier soon get a dog and wier know no female dog names should not be so long you know a vileicht Danke schon mal --answer-- Luna I find quite nice for dogs :) but comes to the character / race on, to name a name for dogs who really fits the anim

    Tags: Name Female Dog name + female
  • bring Jagdtrieb my young boxer dog under control !? 2019-08-30

    My 10 months old female Boxer has unfortunately (at least with her already featured animals) a relatively strong hunting instinct. a few examples: -Meerschweinche: they kennnt since she is with us, so at 9 weeks, and since they will always hunt, stan

    Tags: Education Dog hunting behavior
  • Relationship problems - no relation type 2019-08-30

    hello people :) (girl, 17) I had for months what with a young now, we are a week together since Knapp. I'm not a relationship type that I have him also said vornerein .. He is quite affectionate every second wants to spend time with me. He does reall

    Tags: Relationship Love
  • Advanced Warfare is not running smoothly :( 2019-08-30

    Hello, my problem is that I the game Call of Duty me have Advanced Warfare fetched and it is not running smoothly even though my PC the game but actually easy packing should or not? This time the PC data: AMD FX-8320 8x3,5 GHz 8GB DDR3-1600 Radeon R9

    Tags: PC + Games Graphics
  • Dog on paw 2019-08-30

    Hello everybody A wonder my vacation dog makes a lot of something at his back paw, always at the same someone knows what has? friendly greetings calgia --answer-- Incorrect feeding girlfriend has with her dog also had because in the normal dog food t

    Tags: Dog paw
  • Best Dry Food for 1-year dog mongrel from Bosnia 2019-08-30

    I can not understand that the low-cost products for dried fodder in the Stiftung Warentest be assessed as positive. But I can not make 2 kg high-quality dog ​​food for 2.99 euros and wonder therefore, followed tested. Now I have just paid 2.50 euros

    Tags: dog food
  • If the Pc of good mega port? 2019-08-30

    Hi, So first I assumes no bon Pc expert so I ask you for advice. It also aims at the Pc do not run the Games need the extreme requirements, since I only Leauge of Legends or such games as Sims 3 wants to play it. These are the specifications of the P

    Tags: data
  • home remedies, diarrhea in dog 2019-08-30

    Hi guys. was the night 3 out times. she has only ever had that. hundi has very mushy diarrhea. vomit it does not have. otherwise fit. think yesterday eaten too much different treats. let them now fast and rest nicely. empty it seems to be first :-) g

    Tags: Dog diarrhea Home remedies diarrhea + home remedies
  • Arguments for a second dog? 2019-08-29

    We already have a dog but I (13) would like to have a dog on what you have to pay attention because ..? What arguments could I tell my mother to convince them that is a second dog something good ... my dog ​​gets along well with others and is well ed

    Tags: Dog persuasiveness
  • my dog ​​and my mistake 2019-08-29

    So it is so my dog ​​could do from the beginning what he wants, I know that it was a big mistake but now I need your help. This morning when I was with him gassi the lawn very wet, that is, his paws afterwards were very dirty when I was young I wante

    Tags: Education Dog
  • Dog might Poisoned? 2019-08-29

    Our Doberman who killed a cat, or I have not seen it, I have this morning just after he barked as seen a madman he who they are around shaken invariably can with us at the moment a lot of foxes adapted hunters and veterinarian poison baits and also g

    Tags: poisoning
  • Important! Dog crying and scared 2019-08-29

    Hello. half an hour ago my dog ​​woke up and started loudly whining. And ran up to me. She is strong at tremble and has an irregular heartbeat. She has no appetite (which as it is a Labrador NEVER happens. So usually it does everything for food). She

    Tags: Help Dog panic dog behavior dog + Panic
  • Boxer dog heart disease 2019-08-29

    How likely is it that this dog gets heart disease ?! --answer-- With conscientious breeders preliminary investigations of the parents are taken to heart disease, among others, is standard. Exclusion can nevertheless be some diseases never, even if th

    Tags: Dog Boxer
  • Can a female cat get pregnant by a dog? 2019-08-29

    So I would be interested if someone could tell me whether a male dog can impregnate a female cat? If you experience or have so, please write down: D Thanks in advance ^^ --answer-- No! In the event that the question arises whether it is possible the

    Tags: pregnant cat pregnant animals cat-pregnant
  • buy dog ​​from abroad 2019-08-29

    Hello to you all I want to buy a Chihuahua unfortunately the abroad have her experience what it would cost a Chihuahua of transport here to Germany --answer-- I would not buy a dog from abroad. Unless you were designed by suburb and have you a pictur

    Tags: transport
  • How do you make an operational description at a dog school? 2019-08-29

    Hi folks, I have recently a one-week internship at a dog school. Now I have to make an operational description and have no idea how to begin. This is my first internship, so please no stupid answers. I hope you can help me. :) --answer-- http: //www.

    Tags: Hundeschule business description
  • Dog no longer respects me !? outdoors 2019-08-28

    Hello! I am 16 years old and we have a Westie and a Yorki, both 9 years old. The Yorki is neutered, which Westie not. I go in the morning, afternoon and evening out, at noon someone goes to another member of my family, I still go to school, otherwise

    Tags: Leisure Dog
  • Dog frsiis ball quickly! 2019-08-28

    I have ienen dog, he is the friend of my grandmother. I wanted spieln with it and have to give in a little footbal, but he can not anscheind aportieren. He always runs away when I want to grab balll. Now he splits it also, I find not so bad, but I th

    Tags: Dog soccer poison
  • My dog ​​does not prevails 2019-08-28

    I have two weeks since a new puppies (cocker spaniel) and a 15-year-old border collie bitch lucy. The small is very naughty and lies down in lucy's basket, her taking her stick away, biting her in the tail and the ears and and and ... I'm doing Wrnn

    Tags: Dog puppy defend



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