• Heat generation on the earth? 2019-11-05

    Hello, Does anyone have an idea what you can say everything with such a topic? --answer-- Thus heat on Earth can arise must be added in any form of energy. Earth itself has a lot of energy stored in the interior (Earth's core 6000 ° C) and there is a

    Tags: Biology earth
  • cables damaged during dredging, are paid own work? 2019-11-05

    damaged cables for dredging operations, internal activities are paid by the insurer? --answer-- If in doubt, which must be agreed with the insurer and clarified. If the insurer has agreed to remunerate own work, then that should be a precaution taken

    Tags: insurance damage public liability
  • Change Education for mobbing 2019-11-04

    Hello, I have times a few questions here. I am since Dec 2013 training as electronic technician for equipment and systems. training runs mainly in the school and practical school, I'm up to 12 weeks in operation. I started training later and have bee

    Tags: training exchange
  • Halilovic vs Ödegaard 2019-11-04

    Ödegaard or Halilovic (better)? --answer-- Halilovi! Ödegaard torn straight from the Spanish press again. Faith his move to Real was not a good decision! Barren I'd say I find ödegard better as he had in norway ne class education above, and also play

    Tags: Sport football
  • Because Nachzalung ALG1 2019-11-04

    Hi Guys, Recently I bekame a letter by the job that I get a Nachzalung. It says, you get soon etc ... but when? I've been waiting two days. I get that on last Friday. --answer-- Oh, that can take 2 to 4 weeks. Depends on how fast and how much you rel

    Tags: Unemployment benefits Postpay
  • On the other expression of "regional disparity" or "active and passive spaces"? 2019-11-04

    We speak of these terms who is very different economic power in a country. Seeking other expressions than the above two. Can someone help me there? LG --answer-- - Regional disparities: disparities between certain regions - Aktivraum: particularly sa

    Tags: economic expression Synonym phrase + Synonym
  • Iphone 7 days Trial terminate Spotiffy? 2019-11-04

    Hey guys, am new to this forum and I just got a question. I got myself today the 7 days trial of Spotify for my iPhone. Now I wanted to announce it directly, so that no costs are incurred. First of all I have to ever terminate and wennn so where? And

    Tags: iPhone Phone iTunes subscription iPhone + iTunes
  • Schauma for dry hair with coconut fragrance :) 2019-11-04

    Are you happy with it? Regenerates it dry hair? --answer-- My experience, for a hairdresser accident (no cheap hairdresser!): Shampoos from the drugstore does not help in massive problems. I use products of Redken. The last forever, because you reall

    Tags: Care Repair schauma
  • Anyone who knows anything about the process of creating the Christianity? 2019-11-04

    Hello knows someone about the genesis of Christianity? --answer-- Jesus Christ is the central figure for Christians. In the New Testament we learn about his life, his deeds and his doctrine. He was born in Nazareth to 4 or 6 v. Chr.. n by 30. Chr. it

    Tags: School Christianity
  • Hot stitches in his left hand 2019-11-04

    So it feels like as if hot needles prick me in the hand. It hurts right. It's going away but when I look at the hand and move it easily. You know what that might be? --answer-- Hello, if you have you suffered no splinters or other injuries, it is wha

    Tags: hot Hand engraving hot + Stitch
  • Almost 7 you had even a little tear in the eye 2019-11-04

    hey in honor of Paul William Walker you had-rigging in which even slight tears in his eyes ... He was such a great actor and if one ever will be almost 8, he will definitely be missing .. Did you almost 7 like and what you think about the movie? and-

    Tags: Film paul walker
  • BMW 316 experience 2019-11-03

    Hello, has anyone by car experience? How good is the engine or are otherwise weak points on the car? --answer-- Which model / Year? Why do not you at "Motor Talk" forum. Depends on the year of it. Look at Wikipedia. There giibt the vulnerabiliti

    Tags: Auto BMW
  • Graphics card for GTA5 pc 2019-11-03

    Hello I wanted to ask whether the following graphics card for gta 5 extends on the PC Nvidia GeForce 630 And is the Nvidia mentioned above is better than the graphics Intel HD 4400? I say thank you for all the answers. --answer-- How much should the

    Tags: Games gta-5 gta graphics card video card games +
  • God Mode Folder? 2019-11-03

    What's God Mode {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C 99712043E01C}? --answer-- That's just all Control Panel items sorted in a folder. The name is actually no matter. Important is {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C 99712043E01C}

    Tags: computer god mode
  • CS: GO Lounge Items to bet but not retrieved in inventory 2019-11-03

    Hello , I bet with colleagues at the Penta against X6 games yesterday and stole. So this morning I wanted the items to trade back and went all wonderful. I accepted the trades and which are also to be accepted in my History drinne However, the items

    Tags: Steam CSGO Counter-Strike trade CS GO Lounge Counter-Strike + CSGO
  • Kniebandage too big ... is an exchange? 2019-11-03

    Yesterday get prescribed a bandage for the knee and this brought directly in the medical supply store ... but it slips when always wear down. Think it is too large. My question is whether I this still could trade less for a number or I would need for

    Tags: medicine Knee exchange bandages kneecap surgical supplies physio
  • A Texturepack with support of many mods? 2019-11-03

    I want ewtl me. a new Texturepack down. At the moment I've Dandelion. I want a Texturepack is adapted for many mods. Please do not call Sphax that I know already. --answer-- Although I do not know what mods you want everything but Soartex supports ma

    Tags: Minecraft Texturepack dandelion Sphax Sphax + Texturepack
  • Studying laptop 2019-11-03

    So good morning, studied my niece and I liked it a laptop they give also needs for learning school. What should I watch exactly what is under schid what you used at home and at school? --answer-- It is important to buy a Windows laptop (all simply no

    Tags: Study
  • septum engraved - continuously rotates 2019-11-03

    Hello, I get pierced me yesterday a septum, and am very happy with it, but always turns my banana upwards so that one no longer sees, is this normal? will now not fumble as they turn around and constantly turning back down .... what can I do with the

    Tags: Help Problems Piercing LUCK jewelry Piercing + Problems
  • What happens if you do not 10 years takes a shower? 2019-11-02

    What happens to the body when one no longer pays attention to hygiene. I had heard that the body somehow cleans itself. In today's society, it is impossible not to take a shower 2 days, because it is quickly noticed by other fellows. --answer-- Shake

    Tags: Hygiene Showering



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