• If a dog door for a puppy already sense? 2019-08-28

    My puppy is now 17 weeks old - and because it is very much in the garden and there gets her bone meal I have a dog door that (except at night) is always open. Now my question is - is sufficient free "choice" out or purely for the puppies already

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  • Why do dog owners, very often, much like their dogs? 2019-08-28

    This question is really meant seriously. If that is never noticed, which should necessarily even pay attention. It is truly amazing. --answer-- In addition I have last read in a psychological journal an article. This is a phenomenon that occurs becau

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  • Question (searched Council) to the dog owner 2019-08-28

    Hello community, I had just took a walk with my dog. My dog ​​is then run suddenly free running sheep afterwards ... I had heard only the mäh and naturally thought that they were fenced ... I have my dog ​​immediately caught, leash and am flipped. Th

    Tags: Dog Agriculture
  • Dog drug 2019-08-28

    Dear friends, what do you think, can you ARTHROPLUS capsules also give an older dog, or is about gefährlich`? --answer-- Please give your dog only medicine after consultation with your vet -the dose and quantity must be calculated for your dog! The m

    Tags: Health Animals Dog dog + Animals
  • About Battlefield 4 Premium 2019-08-28

    So I bought for the PS4 recently Battlefield 4 and then wanted me still buy premium to. Now I have seen that the Battlefield 4 Premium Edition (includes Battlefield4 + premium) is cheaper than if I would only buy Premium. So I wanted to ask if I have

    Tags: Battlefield 4 Premium
  • which wears sunglasses Dandy capristo there?

    which wears sunglasses Dandy capristo there? 2019-08-28

    Hi, I would love to have the sunglasses of mandy capristo (the recall from last Saturday), although white that one ray ban but does anyone know what color? that is? see photo on the link. --answer-- Looks like a pair of sunglasses from Ray Ban. :) Ma

    Tags: Leisure sun glasses sunglasses goggles + Sun
  • New ~ 500-600 € Pc 2019-08-27

    Hello! I would like to hear opinions on this Pc. I more than 600 € are available and want to know if that fits so: - BitFenix ​​Neos Midi Tower without PSU black / silver (€ 36.90) - MSI 970A-G43 AMD 970 So.AM3 + Dual Channel DDR3 ATX Retail (€ 65.49

    Tags: Gaming
  • is a relationship of friendship? 2019-08-27

    Hello I became recently 13 and my girlfriend was a little bit more 13 I'm with you already are long friends and wanted to ask whether from the friendship relationship, will film in friendship a relationship but how it looks in the reality of , you al

    Tags: Relationship friendship
  • Steam 2 times the same game in the library 2019-08-27

    I bought a Ukrainian product key from Rust to enable this I had to have a Ukrainian IP! If I now want the games I have a Ukrainian IP have ^^ Therefore I decided to buy Rust normal on Steam! Now my question is I Rust already in my library, I can buy

    Tags: Steam rust
  • Albanian flag with emoji 2019-08-27

    Does anyone have the flag that I can then simply copy here? Thank you in advance !

    Tags: Emoji flag
  • Windows 8.1 laptop constantly interrupts my network connection :( 2019-08-27

    Hi folks, I have a laptop from Acer (Acer Aspire E1-571). For several weeks we have changed the Internet provider of the Telekom to 1 and. 1 Since I like to play Minecraft, I naturally as usual played on a server, however, interrupts the connection e

    Tags: Windows 8 WiFi
  • Can parents phone wegnnehmen? 2019-08-27

    Hello may mrineo parents take away my phone. Since I am still under 18 yes I fall into the category of "limited financial capability". The phone I got for Christmas and there is a gift without disadvantage (I think) I wonder if they can take it

    Tags: parents Mobile
  • Piano sheet music for Mark Forster 2019-08-27

    Hi, I'm looking for the marks to Mark Forster's album. It's like a songbook with notes (and text) Is there such a thing? find nothing Fast response would be great, since it is to be a birthday gift Thanks LG Nina --answer-- Look here: http://www.musi

    Tags: Music piano notes lyrics Mark Forster Noten + Text
  • Essence hello foils transfer 2019-08-27

    Hello, unzwar I bought the "essence nail art hello foils graffiti look transfer foils!" Today (-> picture) and not notice that there is also a transfer solution requires it. So my question is jz, you transfer solution can take this Essence ta

    Tags: Essence Nail Art film transfer
  • Placement agency in the field Music 2019-08-26

    Hey .... First excuse me for my spelling. The question is also a trifle stupid ... I myself own beats and songs and Recorde with some friends from Make and .... I have to go from the school a compulsory internship ... because I thought I could be the

    Tags: Music Internship recording studio recording studio internship +
  • Laptop screen resolution 1600x900 despite total rießig! What to do? 2019-08-26

    Hi I have a question: Have previously turned on my laptop and the screen is shown totally great. My brother uses the laptop in front of it, but knows nothing of a conversion ... :-) Natüüürlich The screen resolution is at 1600x900. Higher no more. Es

    Tags: Screen resolution laptop screen
  • Can you change the CPU in this notebook? 2019-08-26

    Hello, I can at the HP Pavilion dv6-2116sg ( http: //www.notebookinfo.de/produkte/hp-pavilion-dv6-2116sg-entertainment-noteboo ... ) change the CPU or is not possible or is there other types replace it? --answer-- No, because notebooks / laptops are

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  • Buy / renoviern multiple dwelling 2019-08-26

    Hi, I have to buy before a multi-family house. Is renovation needy and the roof is not insulated. Do I have to make the roof when buying immediately? How can I remove mold and get the walls dry? --answer-- I can not really read what is expected to co

    Tags: house properties
  • Android battery management module 2019-08-26

    Hello! When I go to the Internet with my phone always comes as a message is in the "Your battery management module needs an upgrade ..." And then the bottom is a button is on the "Install" Now I'm afraid that it's a fake webside and I

    Tags: Android upgrade
  • Detective Conan DVD boxes wanted 2019-08-26

    Hello I'm looking for a long time after the three Detective Conan DVD boxes and have the question if anyone one of the boxes offered for sale. --answer-- Since the DVDs were published from 2001 to 2002 in Germany, it is extremely difficult to now mor

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