• Advertise dog toys you have ideas 2017-09-09

    Hey guys, my friend and I have to give a promotional spot in video form in a few days, this is about dog toy (ours is not even a Mame it occurred ...), unfortunately, we think of a claim. it should help a little smile for and be devised himself. Have

    Tags: rhyme advertising Dog creative toys dog toy Toys + Advertising
  • DOG teach not to run away 2017-09-09

    but hey guys, we have a zwergpibscher the now 1 1/2 years old is we can not let him run around without a leash, which I find very sad :( when we disturbing sounds him he runs away and I have to kilometers run after because he a very very great endura

    Tags: Dog learn
  • My dog ​​goes after everything and everyone 2017-09-08

    Hello . My dog ​​Spyke (shepherd dog / Mongrel) is now 9 months old and very aggressive towards people and other dogs. 3 months ago, the fun went really begins .... if joggers, bicyclists, pedestrians, children or dogs, everything is barked and attac

    Tags: Dog snappy
  • dog parks-near auerbach 2017-09-08

    halllo dear, looking jmd. where there are secured, eingezeunte dog parks near auerbach ?? lg fcerzgebirgeaue --answer-- Hello Antonia, Once I wish you for the new year everything erdnkliche Good like, go your wishes come true. Now to your question: l

    Tags: Leisure Pets Dog Park
  • Dog is sick, who can help? 2017-09-08

    I need your help once Our dog (Amy) is ill and no one knows what it may be. Since 14:12 only Geim TA. Lymph nodes in the neck swollen and water accumulation in the neck and chest, as well as behind the forelegs. She got antibiotics and 1 x week corti

    Tags: Dog vet sick-dog dog + illness dogs disease + Vet
  • Hilfee dog has eaten chocolate! : D 2017-09-08

    My brother just hatt chocolate from the cupboard rausgeholt now is a piece but fell off less than 1 pieces I think it was a half or about 3 cm is now bad thing that can happen to thank for such a small piece. --answer-- So clearly: Chocolate is toxic

    Tags: Dog
  • Fond or water with meat flavor for dog 2017-09-08

    Hello everybody, Unfortunately my dog ​​have to do diet because it has a hip dysplasia and tendonitis on the front legs. Now the doctor has advised him 300g wet food per day to mix with vegetables. The proportion of vegetables daily in two portions,

    Tags: Dog dog food dog nutrition dog food +
  • Which race has the dog in the picture? 2017-09-08

    You know what breed of dog in the picture? --answer-- Welch is a Corgie. This breed is available in 2 "versions", even with a short tail (Welsh Pembroke Corgie) or with a long tail (Welsh Corgie Cardigan). Did he very short legs? (My screen time

    Tags: Animals Dog Breed Dog breed
  • Can anyone explain to me? : D Topic: Dog 2017-09-08

    So I should write a final presentation about dogs and have now posted my outline. Well the Leherin meant to correct much in their language and I understood at one point only station ... So really should be called "The behavior of a dog" the issu

    Tags: presentation Dog
  • What's this? For a kind dog

    What's this? For a kind dog 2017-09-08

    So I have no photo or find the name but I could describe it a little. It is likely a mixture. Do you know the one dogs which are small versions of Rottweiler or Doberman? They have the same coat, same colors are only small. What kind of mixture that

    Tags: Animals Pets Dog pets and dog Dogs dog species
  • How war dog 2017-09-08

    So I would like a dog but my parents did not allow me. I had never had a pet and my friends live far away and barely have time so I am often alone. Also, I'm very early from school and such at 2.00 pm. Therefore, I do not understand why I can not get

    Tags: parents Dog
  • When dog is seen ripping 2017-09-07

    I hane a staffmix approx 1 year. Have you recently brought from sem animal shelter and I find it is much too thin. (17 kg) she had in the beginning often diarrhea and the vet said she drumm was so thin So now my question what you feed and what should

    Tags: feed Animals Dog thin thin + dog
  • Dog peeing since New Year's Eve on carpet 2017-09-07

    My 11.5 years old female has survived the New Year's Eve with great anxiety. The next day she peed before my eyes the first time on the carpet. I put it down to their stress on New Years Eve, eliminated the legacy and went on to other matters. Today

    Tags: Dog training
  • Can I take the dog simply? 2017-09-07

    Hello, I have "donated" by my mother in 2008 a dog get, I care very much about this animal because I spend most of my time with her. Now the problem: I live for a year no longer at home because I had to move out, (who likes to know why can watch

    Tags: Animals Dog move law house mother punishment Criminal law dog + Animals animal shelter
  • Bully dog ​​is not clean 2017-09-07

    Hello, I have already asked a while ago, looking again Council. We are very experienced dog owners, who for more than a decade Bullys and never had problems with housebreaking. Our dog, Lotte, 4 years was quickly housebroken our two Bullys previously

    Tags: Dog housebreaking
  • What do you think is this dog? 2017-09-07

    The Breed: Kangal, he is now 6 months old and has a shoulder height of 65 cm with a weight of 40 kg --answer-- An amount he can still get a few centimeters, guess max. 5cm, but the weight can still increase to about 50kg, or even more, because he is

    Tags: Animals Dog puppy kangal young dog dog puppy +
  • what does my dog ​​tell me to the bone? 2017-09-07

    Hi, My dog ​​comes in advance with a chew bone to me and brings the easy way cock becoming me. If I then hold on him, he chews rum dadran. Why he does not lie down easily aufn carpet and eats the bone? --answer-- With the bone he sharpens his teeth I

    Tags: Dog animal psychology
  • Dog 10 std alone at night? 2017-09-07

    I'm always every few days for 10 hrs in the night shift so you think that you a'welpen aged six months and as long as can be alone? Or would it still possible? --answer-- No, it's not, sorry. Puppies should to not remain alone as little as possible a

    Tags: Dog alone
  • Dog has hard bump on the belly 2017-09-07

    Hello Our dog (bitch, 11 years) has a hard bump on the belly. It can also move a bit. but there is no match or become smaller. We are going the day to the vet, but I wanted to ask if one of you dog owners something perhaps had even with his dog and w

    Tags: Dog Disease
  • My dog ​​does not stop whining 2017-09-06

    Hello everyone, My dog ​​just will not stop "crying". I want to lie down to sleep but he whines all the time and always goes towards the door. Can it be that he miss because actually otherwise always sleeps my sister with him and is now gone on

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