• Dog has watery eyes but shows no signs? 2019-05-07

    Hey dear community. My Yorkshire Terrier (2 en half years) has very watery eyes today! She had hitherto never and her hair around the eyes are very wet. She opens the eye and normal visual defects I notice nothing. Do not whine or anything it is actu

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  • Child / Dog Care 2019-05-07

    Hello :) I would like to start a part-time job in addition to my school. I'm not too busy or whatever, in the week I have a lot of time except on Wednesdays, so I 8 hours. Anyway, I am 13 and want me necessarily establish a part-time job, it would be

    Tags: student Dog Part-time job 13 years 13 years + side job kinderbetruung
  • MY DOG CRIES! 2019-05-07

    Accidentally I have my dog ​​shot a Stable small tennis ball into / your eye .... His eye appears tinted red around the pupil .... He gets his eye on easy, it looks like the pupil Währe slipped backwards which is quite illogical sounds ... now my que

    Tags: Pain Dog
  • What dog breed meets my needs 2019-05-06

    I currently have 2 dogs and go with them every day a large round by bike. Lately I'm so a comic one encounters and now my mother is worried, because it will also have been kidnappings, etc. They wanted me no longer even let go, but now we are in agre

    Tags: Dog Schutzhund
  • Puppy let alone outside with a first dog !? 2019-05-06

    Hello I get a puppy tomorrow (rude). He is 9 weeks old (soon 10 weeks). I now have 2 weeks off and then I go back to work and then I 7 hours away from home. We also have a first dog, he is a Labrador and 9 years old. He is the whole day there and kno

    Tags: Dog puppy second dog puppy + second dog
  • sell or give dog food 2019-05-06

    I bought food for my puppy from Belcando Puppy. Only she does not tolerate rice in there. The 5kg bag is still as good as full and I do not want to just throw it away. Is there a way to him a bit of money to sell or give him somewhere where it is use

    Tags: food Dog
  • Succession with spouse 2019-05-06

    The following facts: A spouse dies. The couple has a common house and lived in Zugewinngemeinschaft. There is a biological daughter from a previous relationship of the deceased. There are no other heirs and no will. How much inherits the child? I hav

    Tags: inheritance spouse inheritance +
  • how do I have the dual stick gamepad GXT 530 instalieren on pc the man so that games can gamble? 2019-05-06

    dual stick gamepad gxt 530 is a game kontroller --answer-- Simply plug in and then download the driver. So I would do it. Mostly, the driver install itself.

    Tags: Minecraft Games Gaming Minecraft Gaming +
  • My mother, annoyed / aggressive ... 2019-05-06

    Hi, As it is written above my mother is annoyed been a long time every day very aggressive and me. Unfortunately it is also occasionally violent, but because I am already used to :( Lately their behavior but has become even funnier than it was before

    Tags: Health mother agression agression
  • American citizenship? How bekommmen? 2019-05-06

    Hello! I wanted to ask you how do I get the American citizenship if I live in Germany. --answer-- apply for visa and marry an American citizen within 90 days! Not at all. There are also only citizenships of nations, not of continents. If only attacki

    Tags: America Nationality national origin + nationality
  • Withholding Fahrzeugbrief 2019-05-06

    Good day, I do not! So, my friend has received a loan from his former employer and was fired two weeks later. The loan was transferred to my account. The contract signed my friend and I can not get it before! With the money a car bought and my friend

    Tags: Car Auto vehicle vehicle + car vehicle letter
  • Whas Does this mark? - -.- 2019-05-06

    sometimes Brkomme it in whatsapp or so --answer-- Hello, if someone writes you this is meant the one who is annoyed. Or just in a bad mood. I hope I could help you! something like "annoyed" or as "Are you serious ..." find something st

    Tags: WhatsApp characters
  • what to do if you come from a family asocial? 2019-05-06

    Hello, it upsets me very much that my family is not normal. In my family no one is criminal or anything, but there is often controversy at home and the neighbors get it every time with .. My mother studied constantly armed and no longer listens on to

    Tags: people family
  • Players wanted for minecraft adventure map 2019-05-06

    I and a lad who rent NEN server and are still looking for nice people jointly explore the world with us and use it to construct an adventure map. Did you feel like it ????? Then register with me --answer-- Yes I would :) Ok could you write me briefly

    Tags: Minecraft Adventure Map
  • Painting the colored walls if they have been adopted so? 2019-05-06

    Hello, my question would be: Last year in July, I moved into an apartment where the walls were painted colorful, but had to sign that I remove them when you move out. Now I want to June T., now my question, I have to do this because I signed it or wa

    Tags: rental law rental apartment apartment for rent renovation Tenancy + apartment painting walls
  • Built rockers switch wanted. 2019-05-05

    Hello. Sounds easy, it is not for me but. Seeking a mounting paddle switches. This should look like this or be stocked: red, green or blue, illuminated rocker, screw terminals and 230 Volt suitable. It would be nice even if it is in white, but not ne

    Tags: Technology Leisure switch switch and Engineering
  • DHL shipment (Packet)! 2019-05-05

    Hello, I have a package including & got the tracking link to it. Because now is turn that matters today. Can it be that it is it morning? It is true that it has been invited to the driver in the car But I'm not exactly sure .. Thank you in advance. -

    Tags: DHL mail shipment parcel DHL + package Arrival
  • Krankmeldung SMS accept? 2019-05-05

    Hello my dears! Should we accept as an employer, a sick note via sms? I am looking for § Would be great if I could help me --answer-- Neither yes or not. Legislation requires that the AG must be informed, but not how. A sick note can therefore by mes

    Tags: SMS Krankmeldung
  • Sacred Internet 2019-05-05

    Hello . Late 70s was heard in many rock clubs and Hard rock cafe the song what I want. There are no vocals in this piece rather more discussion at the beginning and in the middle of the song. It's going to Martians on Earth coming, and as far as I kn

    Tags: Music artist
  • let favicon display in the google search results for 2019-05-05

    how can you let a favicon in the google search results for Show? example give times in google a seo agency viersen as a provider (from Chemnitz) where you can see the, I will also have --answer-- Give times a user script google favicon in Google. Sin

    Tags: Google favicon search results



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