Pain below the knee?

The without a fall. (What could it be'm 13)

The best answer

Had a friend of mine also, part of the growth not worry. Best make no sport.

Voltaren always helps

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  • Hello, since I go jogging regularly again I have some pain below the knee. have tried to be marked area. do you have an idea? 2012-04-22

    --answer-- Hello! There sits the shin. Or slightly higher but still below the knee? Since we have the patellar tendon. This is very often violated especially in athletes. The patellar tendon is not strictly tendon but a band because it runs from the

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    Hello I got a curious pain since 1Week. This is just below the knee on the inside from the Beim! I can walk normally, climbing stairs, etc., but as soon as I jog, so more aufkomme with the leg, it hurts at this point. Even if I knock it gently, it hu

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    Hello, I have for about a week pain in the knee (slightly below). For example, my knee creaks whenever I wrinkle it after 10 seconds standing. Also I notice it playing football when I jog and run, or when I go up the stairs. I'm going this week still

  • Pain in the knee and hematoma 2012-07-17

    Hello, My story: Three days ago, in physical education, I felt a ,, pull "in the calf, just below the knee Until today, I had no problems today, I saw a small blue bar right on the outer band / tendon behind the knee.. (?) (biceps femoris Harm string

  • What is this very thin bones below the knee? 2014-12-15

    So when stretching my legs that creaks a bit and hurts .. Is that good or bad? Thank you. --answer-- Hello! The crackling in itself is not bad - with pain but already. Under the knee is your problem? It could be an irritation of the patellar tendon,

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    Hi my friends, Undzwar I currently just pain in the knee. I had on Thursday a football match and the end of the 1st Half of me is really jumped into the inside of my foot, yes exactly from my foot. The pain was first stand it, so I played through unt

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    Hello, I have since about 1 week a little pain behind the knee. This started after the Guard training, we do currently stretch, tension and strength exercises. When I sit I feel nothing, but if I stretch my leg doing it behind the knee hurt and then

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    --answer-- Hello! It is always important to provide sufficient information in a question - is still missing even the age. Since you're young yet this is probably a violation of the capsule, and ligaments. Older people are often plagued by the "Baker'

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    Hello everybody. I have been a few days very strong pain in the knee. More specifically, I have outside the right knee, a very strong pull and indeed of the upper knee half to half of the tibia. What can I do against the pain & SIIE what do ... ?? --



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