painkillers effect?

Hi I hab mal ne ask. If I have a sick tablet I suppose but not have pain I spühre then not even when, for example, which falls on my foot? And prescription such tablets? Comical I ask knows I hope you understand what I mean: D

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you can not precaution a sick tablet take just because you want to make provisions that you get any pain that does not work on the contrary you only hurting you so that you capture drug pointless

No you will feel the pain anyway, and yes dinger require a prescription. I can think of no one are not '. (Many try indeed kill it)

Usually you feel it when you something falls on the foot, at least in all the conventional means such as ibuprofen or even codeine, the latter already belongs to the opiates. What do you mean going towards methadone and morphine, but which are difficult to access and are rarely prescribed to at all. Methadone or Suprex for addiction treatment, methadone in acute "great" pain. very difficult to get even on the black market. But yes in the latter you can achieve it, you you can cut NEN finger without too much pain to have, if that's what you mean;) Greetings

But the painkillers are not sooo effective that one then quasi is under anesthesia. Headaches can help.

But addictive large quantities. Watch out!!

you should again reflect on the meaning of your question, it really is "weird"!

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