Painting the colored walls if they have been adopted so?

Hello, my question would be: Last year in July, I moved into an apartment where the walls were painted colorful, but had to sign that I remove them when you move out. Now I want to June T., now my question, I have to do this because I signed it or was not legal.

Thanks in advance for your answers

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but had to sign that I remove them when moving out

Is this agreement a part of the form lease or is this an individual agreement?

In the latter case, you have to remove the wallpaper.

Otherwise, the effectiveness of this clause will depend on the color of the walls. Color Intense walls and bright colors does not have to accept the landlord. This is regarded as damage to the leased property and definitely needs to be eliminated by the proprietor.

Again, just to the new Supreme Court ruling: Currently there is only a superficial press release of the Federal. The judgment in full text can be a few weeks long in coming. Only then there is a decision, as this judgment is to be implemented in practice. Currently, for example, is not even clear whether this is for all - is applicable leases - completed in the past.

If separately, in an individual agreement agreed that you have to paint over the colorful walls in a neutral color in the rental, which is effective.

but not within a standard lease agreement there.

A supplementary agreement which you have individually closed with your landlord to be ineffective?

I do not think, standardized contracts rather.

MFG, privat200

Difficult, but I think that you have to sign for it you'll have to do it well, unfortunately. But I am not 100% sure. Since it is regulated the pastels (nothing flashy) is okay. Would the best times at the owner request, if necessary, contact the Tenants Protection Association record.

Just last week, the Supreme Court has ruled that this clause is invalid.

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you signed and therefore you will not come to get past

buy ne cheap fashion color paint it twice myself and good it is

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If an apartment over unrenovated not you have to redecorate when you move out so loud BGH.

The BGH also wrote in another judgment, which does not have to tolerate a landlord colorful walls.

Now the question arises what is true now?

That you should just ask an attorney and then post the result here.

Now I want to June T., now my question, I have to do this because I signed it or was not legal.

This will tell you the lawyer.



Then stand with what you signed ...

What is no longer fit at once since then.

You have declared yourself ready - then do it well.

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