Pale in the face? How so?

I am told since Saturday that I am very pale in the face ... I feel actually quite okee, not iwie unnecessary ill or something ... Has jmd an idea of ​​what can be and what can I do about it? Because it's not about me the look, but the cause. I probably go so soon times to the doctor, or is something "normal"? What could that be?

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Perhaps iron deficiency in the blood, it can ever look pale. Talk to the doctor, maybe he causes by itself a blood sample to check. Other symptoms of iron deficiency would be feeling cold, lack of concentration, fatigue, sometimes brittle nails ... though of course never have any symptoms.

This could have many causes .... Could iron deficiency be as I said, or it could be normal ... It could also be due to a low blood pressure. (That you can easily test in which you lie down and put your legs up, normally you would have to then "color" in the face have.

A question .. Did the in recent days also eaten enough or drunk? If not then it might come along. Or you may stress that results also may be pale times under certain circumstances.

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