Paracetamol pharmacy?

Hi, I wanted to ask if you paracetamol also get a prescription in the pharmacy? What to ask here? .I Would like a package of paracetamol? And how much does it cost then?

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Yes, you get a prescription paracetamol in the pharmacy. also to know price. I think for the last package I paid 1.99 euros - but I'm not quite sure, a long time ago ....

How old are you?

Say better with your parents! Paracetamol is not completely harmless and should not be easily swallowed so!

yes there Prescription and is very inexpensive

Yes, you can, find cheap Ratiopharm

If you get How else do you want to ask? What will it cost you said, it also depends on the pack size, have probably never bought drugs? how old are you anyway?

They are not expensive. 3-4 Euro.

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