Parents convince dog?

Hello So I dream for a long time by a dog and I had sometimes even a but unfortunately died where I was. 5 As I said I want a dog but my parents said who's going to care if you're on him in the school and with the dog we can not go on holiday but request a consultation I have everything I cared have a set plan when I was in school (then can the neighbors or my granny take care of him), and if we want to go on holiday where the dog can not go there can my oma or very good friends to take care of him (the friends I highly trust the one I know most of my lifetime and the other I also know for a long time) I thank you in advance ever

Thank your sarah ever

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I also get a dog soon and therefore knows that they have to cope also a time alone. As is provided for the holiday is no longer a problem since. Do you have your parents asked why they do not want a dog? The reasons that he is often alone and the holiday would indeed clarified ... If you give your parents good reasons why you want a dog and you promise yourself very well to take care of him, I do not think should speak anything about it .. or your parents have other decisive arguments?

You need a lot of time for such a dog you have in front of school to go with him when you come back and let out at night, it must hundefutter and hundeschule be respected. How old are you ? What do you do when you're done with school? Voices your neighbors safely? Clarifying that with those and then the besprevhe with your parents then they will certainly profit zustimmen.Viel

The question there is very often and I always say this:

Not .... answer nevertheless times the following questions:

What to do with the dog when you're in school and your parents work? You can not the dog. 8 hours and longer lock in the booth. Even if one is at home ... one has better things to do than to take care of YOUR dog. Or the neighbor or grandma .... you you rank the too easy before ... but it is not !!! What to do with the dog when you ride in the holiday or relatives? Not everywhere is a dog a welcome guest! Do you think the people makes it fun continuously your dog to get gedrrückt the eye ??? What happens to the dog when you discover the opposite sex for you and prefer to go with friends to the houses? What happens to the dog when you start ne training need and possibly even pull (no time for the animal! Again) ??? Not every owner allowed dog ownership!

I saw it with my parents saw ... when we were kids out of the house, as they had the dog on the cheek ... but had to both work. So you had to constantly beg relatives. They loved the dog, no doubt, but when he then died ... they were happy again to be able to decide freely and also to be able to drive off times. So a dog lives about 15 years old !!!

Parents must not have to convince, parents have even a dog like!

Get a dog if you're an adult, after all, dog ownership is also expensive and limits!

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