Parents convince for a dog?

but hey guys, I would like to have a dog my parents, you know how to convince them? I got the much said that I would take care of it and everything else, the only argument of which was that the stink "critters" and anyway no one will take care of it. Do you have some arguments, perhaps from personal experience ...? : D

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How old are you?

I would think the matter well. Depending on how old you are you can afford the costs do not bear therefore your parents depend a lot more with it than they might want and then it's their right to say "It's not a dog into the house".

It is not just the cost to you to, also depending on the age, the education which is time consuming, the daily repeated Gassigehen, and feed, veterinarian and control costs etc.

From experience I can tell you that such conversations between parents and children often negative for the child end ^^ .... In my case, I was lucky that I was able to convince parents for cat, dog and horse. However, I am now 18 and have to be able to work next to the school in part over 50 hours Finance to everything.

... With an animal necessarily have to agree ALL persons in the household. It makes no sense if you are editing your parents so long, you're you've rumgekriegt and ye anschafft a dog to the later nobody cares ... How old are you may I ask? Can you guarantee that you daily 1 - 2 x Gassi go, a dog course visit the animal regularly pflegst (unpleasant things like parasites distance) and for all costs (feed, TA) aufkommst - and the next 10 - 15 years? ?? So a dog is a lot of responsibility - I can you confirm from my own experience - in fact, it takes a lot of free time for the animal to employ sufficient and also the appropriate change, if for example, should apply an operation. And what if you were to take off again? Not in every apartment dogs are allowed and if you have to work and the animal is the whole day alone, that's not good either, right? Think you that please again good - Animals are not toys that can be put on the shelf after a few months ...

Your parents will know why they do not want a dog. Who bears the sometimes high cost of vet, feed, tax, insurance .....? You as a student who still does not make money - at least not who takes the dog when you're at school, with friends on the go are, at the weekend, if you study etc times ... going? Who makes the dirt away in the apartment? etc., etc.. go to the shelter, there are waiting many grateful dogs that they are sometimes performed Gassi and gives them someone some time ....

Wait till you're grown and enough time and money have. A dog should always be taken by the whole family and accepted as it is his pack!

Does not work, a dog is like another child. Your parents do not want to bind next 15 years. You go soon in the training and your parents then have the animal on the cheek. What it means to have a dog, you can not really imagine as a child. Let it be good.

You promise them so that you'll look after yourself drum? and how do you know that? Have you in the past ever proved how dutifully you and had already other pets? Otherwise your parents have absolutely right, a dog is more work than you can imagine.

Such so-called critters, called a dog. and therefore I would leave it.

in your family are dogs not welcome - if you you versichtest one animal love therefore it!

Dog get older even buy I understand your parents as a child, I wanted it not to admit but a dog is ne cal ** work and I do not think you can overlook the already everything.

Your question is here already been made X times - but you get an answer on the subject of dog:

as long as your parents for "smelly critters" keep dogs, you have no chance on my own dog.

Your parents will have no desire to invest for smelly critters money, plenty of free time to sacrifice and to be considerate of the needs of a dog for +/- 15 years.

And thus it is now certain: as long as you live in your parents' home, it is not the dog ...

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