Parents do not want a Rottweiler, you see them as fighting dog!

Hi, I live in Lower Saxony that is: Rottweiler no LIST DOG!

I have finally saved up my money to buy me a Rottweiler, these beings like me simply found him by VDH, so grown anständg. Their structure, athleticism, etc. appearance fascinates me easily. Suddenly my father says, "No, of which I have yet fear These are attack dogs and when the Aggressive be, then ......!" I answered it that every dog ​​can be a dog fight when he brought up was, it does not come necessarily to the race, special as he was brought up, but NE, everything he denies. 2 J savings well in addition, as I would with another dog just not as happy as this. All I could say that 'he' with proper education is not a fighting dog, he denies. Oh great, he says, a shepherd would be better, but still differ not so 'extreme' and I find the Rottweiler easy for me better. Have you an idea, somehow what to do to get this dog?

(The other costs, veterinarian etc. take my parents, so do not come with "you know how much costs dogs otherwise have!")

My parents are wrong, it's true?

Should I give up and give me no dog, or continue 'fighting' to him?

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if the dog ownership should really work in a family (because to keep a dog is not only a lot of joy and fun, but also that you have to take a lot of "negative" things in purchase!), then this is only possible if all family members with are wholeheartedly here.

That's when you do not seem to be the case - and if you your father now about talking or whatever, then the smallest incident, the dog of victims will be. He will then be always to blame - even if that is not the case. But as man is only now once.

And if you're totally in a Rottweiler "crush" have, then it will not be right to opt for a different breed, because basically that will never be THE dog that you wanted only a "last resort" - and has not earned the dog.

Put that money into a savings account and if you ever alone live and have the opportunity then you buy your dream dog.

THIS is love for animals.

Good succeed


a shepherd would be better, but still differ not so 'extreme' and I find the Rottweiler easy for me better

Alone, this statement tells me that you have not enough busy with Rottweilers to successfully educate a.

Rottweiler can wurderbare dog be when the are since formed their nature accordingly, but Shepherds are temperamentally and work habits but significantly different. However, I am not so sure whether a sheepdog something would for you if ye keep the dog for as interchangeable. The breed systems are critical to building the training.

What exactly makes you so sure that just a Rottweiler fits you and "better" for you would be? What race Taken shaft you choose exactly? How is your training style and your dealing with dogs? How will you deal with and utilize the dog?

I have repeatedly seen unfortunately in training that people have brought Rottis and have then continuously compared with the shepherds in the same group and annoyed exactly the properties that a Rotti had just account.

I dare to doubt that you will be with the dog without any experience with the race really as happy as you ausmalst in your head now. The consideration in the acquisition may not be "how can run it when everything is perfect", you have to think you if you were the situation even grown if it is not going well. If the dog reacts aggressively, if necessary, to other dogs, can not stay alone, bad leash is ... That must not happen, but it can and will as what Heeling terms in a young dog at least some time well be subject.

I can only advise you to look times whether a Hundesportverein near you is where they use rottweilers, there to socialize and ev. Time to pursue one of the dogs there at work and to bring you realistic information of holders. It's never anything super and problems with such a powerhouse are still major problems, list dog or not.

Still define your parents if a dog pulls or not. You see only the sweet Rotti., Although I can well understand if children are to dogs with large heads. This has something to do with the Kindchen- Scheme. But every dog ​​needs the whole family that takes him. It is not about enforcing by all possible means your will. The one who has to pay for the whole thing afterward, the dog, and he does not deserve. Here is a living being that is at least 12 years old. As is certainly not every day be a happy man, and financially can sometimes even be borderline. Engage yourself in the shelter, as you learn the same to take responsibility, and if you're an adult, you know just about what to consider when purchasing a dog on you.

I do not think you should give up, after all, you've the so apparently well thought. So I try my Elern a dog überredenund to be honest I manage gradually undzwar by simply did not stop talking about it and out seeking any junk on the internet, saying it: D which would also potentially help if you go to ner dog school would.

So chin up and keep fighting! :)

Rottweilers are not an easy dog. For beginners totally unsuitable.

Rottis need the proper education, you build as manure, you get correct problems.

A Rotti also needs proper employment.

if it nevertheless should be a Rotti, your father take with the breeder.

Basically all dogs are the same. Some have a lower threshold and travel easier highly than others. But a Labbi can become a dog fight.

It is ultimately only important that ALL want to deal with family members with the dog and can. Fear precludes the Rotti. Forever and ever, until you are living in their own apartment.

As long as you live with your parents, you have to respect their opinion. And if your father does not want Rotti, then he does not want. Basta.

1. you must tell your father: there is no attack dogs!

2. Unfortunately, it brings absolutely nothing ... If even one person must be persuaded in your family only to a particular race, then let the purchase of your dream dog once his ...

When I read: rather then a German Shepherd ... - So honestly, have you really carefully about whether you are ever ready for a dog?

Maybe you should still seek and sometimes visit breeders more information ...

Not every visit to a breeder ends with a dog purchase ...

Do we also need not have fear of burglars etc

even if you have money together -as of minors you can not buy dog ​​...

and this is your racial mixture -today your favorite dog, tomorrow this, showing -you have informed you zero about each breed of dog ...

Under these circumstances, you should take you no dog. a responsible pet halter looks at not only beautiful dog pictures on the internet!

if your father does not want a rottweiler then you have to accept that you own bi apartment have. very easily

Earlier you were still a Husky, German Shepherd or Labrador -.- make up your time

Your parents have to decide which dog comes into the apartment and wekcher not. Stop the ball flat and wait until you go work, ne own Bude have, let the dog no more than 5 Std.täglich alone can (part time) ..... I have to go back weitrer ???

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