Parents do nothing - psyschische problems sister

Hello, for about a year habĺben my sister (about 13) has psychological problems.

The problem is that it is getting worse, but my parents did not really do anything to help her. That is, they do not ensure that she gets professional help.

Although they have diverse medical appointments identified, inter alia, with child psychologists etc, but my sister refuses to go to a doctor. My parents then my only, they can not compel.

On top of that my mom with the nerve is completely at the end, it is a day and all the time close to tears (they tried - unsuccessfully - to hide). She had nervous breakdowns etc. But on the other hand, it does nothing.

I have so often talked with my parents, but they do not listen and continue to believe they could just wait. But it's too late because my sister do not care anyway ... My whole family is broken it .. For example. I have a younger sister ... I can see how she suffers from all this and am afraid they have to lose (if they get too psychological problems)

Sorry for the long text ... my real question is, what can I do to make my sister finally gets professional help? Because even if my parents did not want to see, so it can not go on ... What would you do?

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Hello. What does your sister the symptoms for or what kind of mental health problem it has?

Since they can minor your parents decide whether they need a psychologist. As they are therefore better or worse, must enforce.

However, a therapy will not help much if they do not want. The brings namely only what wants when they leave also to help.

Just talk to her. Tell her how worried you are and it would be great if they would make a TTherapie. Tell her really looks also like a therapy and it at all is not bad and they are not afraid needs. Most namely have a completely wrong idea.

But they do not push it. The aim the wrong and they will be even more contrast.

Just be there for them which also helps many times.

because of your tiny sister. Declaration her depending on the age of the situation so that she understands it. Unternimm was when you realize that it is too much with her her.

I hope I could help

Hello, it is difficult, or the like someone to therapy forcing .sicher Your sister is with 13 before the law a child and your parents would have the legal means to force your sister, but the symptoms in your sister would worsen rather. Possibly it would be difficult to get a place in a child and adolescent psychiatry, as in many hospitals, the voluntary nature of therapy is a treatment condition. Unless someone is acutely self-and foreign-hazardous, but otherwise it is rather difficult .I do not know whether your parents not the situation lies in your entire family is really conscious or whether they are too ready and exhausted easily. But it could well be that the whole family could use support, for example, can take Familienhilfe.Diese families in demanding that problems are haben.Meist children have it the problems with parents, but conversely, it goes just parents who have problems with the one way or another child who would be the contact persons .Since then the competent youth welfare office (city, country, district?), could possibly service or the social psychiatry also advise the Youth Psychological who to you should you call there. My recommendation would be: Does it bald.Damit just not the whole family including leidet.Und may also find your sister a nice partner who can make your might verständlic that inpatient treatment yes maybe is not soo stupid idea. You need all the help because of mental illness of a family member has always followed, all family members: disappointment, guilt, fear, anger ... This makes it all the more easily if you can get better and every family member can find good ways to live with the situation , Support for all would be good. All the best to you all

Your sister wants but no professional help and then it will help her nothing. You have to talk to her and treat her well, do not argue with her, and they do not offend / yell, your parents are right you have to wait but you should talk to her and if they do not talk with your parents will then do you try it at least.

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