Parents for dog coaxing! 123

Hi Guys! Will have time long a dog but my mother says I can not get, we have had before 4jahren but we have brought back because no one has bothered because I wished no! And now I want a dog for spend all my money on anything and would! Already're 3 years!

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Earlier I also wanted one with the time because we did not get any but the odd changed :)

@ Lbrey

Please please do read only talk about "dogs" by, there you get a lot of suggestions and advice from when it first gets a dog.

You have submitted a talk back and your money would you spend?

I believe you now do not, because then you have not read you what a dog will cost anything because the cost rich not even.

Right now again every day dogs are in shelters exist because people realize they can not even pay the vet.

These are people who do not think about it beforehand.

Your mother I also give right!

Tell her that you can learn so responsibility jetz because you do not want that he first peeing in your room or bored

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