Parents give dog back after a day?

Hello, yesterday we bought us rude a 1 year old Husky, which is just extremely Knuffig and active, it makes me and my siblings and my mother extreme fun, bike rides etc. to do with him, an ideal dog for us, but unfortunately has he indeed a passionate hunting instinct and we have 7 budgie, which is a big problem, too, we have 4 canaries birds, where it does not matter, say No, No, No, and he hears and comes back. In budgies, however, he can not be stopped, it will jump to the cage, although the fact is high and want the best hunting. For this reason, my parents now want him after a day return, which has yet not settled and know for certain not even know that we are its owners. He listens well to commands and I taught him for a day, "space", he learns very fast, but not stop the hunting of our budgerigars, there is no other way than to have to hand it in? Can he not learn or is it simply impossible today my parents want him back evening again, breeders also take him, but I want the no way, because I think that he will do it, or I put wrong ?

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Hi, the Husky is not just the education. When he is not busy, you can bring nothing with education. Your parents and you ought to first dog from the body and from the head to capacity, he will be first available for your education at all. I think your parents for naive, I have which unfortunately right type, it might be better to return the dog.

Your children as unfortunately can not do much because, yes I see that you are hard working and wants wirkich you to keep the dog and certainly willing wert much to give for it. But the time is not enough, if you still go to school and imagine times before you have to leave the dog alone? At the moment it would end with the death of all the birds and a demolished home from hunting. Especially since it can also be dangerous with an underutilized Husky, which also still has loot under the nose and is forever drawn away from you. As frustrated a dog and you put him so many stimuli from, that can even come an overreaction, namely that he snapped. It is because the birds already on 180 if you still tackle it and withdraws it may happen that he sometimes turns around and grab.

And even if you now 5 times umschreibst your question, the fact remains:

- Times just bought a Husky

- Previously collected no information

- You have not on what ye recessed know basically yesterday

- There live small animals in the household, the yes space can not be separated from the dog obviously

That's KO criteria for a working dog!

Ich finds from your parents frankly very naive zuzulegen a dog without thinking beforehand so far. Your just have to keep him from the birds away. And punish him. if he tries to chase them. I'm not talking about hurting him, but he must realize that he has done something wrong. Dogs can be punished with "Aufmerksamkeitsenzug". ignore him and say when he comes forth evil "no." And then once half an hour to an hour.

Just think about it after, if everyone would do that. That's pure NEN dog stress. But I'll tell honestly, as I think: If your parents are already surprised by this behavior, perhaps ists really better coming elsewhere. A dog (just one) is just not a stuffed animal and there are still other unpleasant surprises on them / get you ...

That you had you previously have to think / to and a careful research had also shown that the of you desired combination is far from ideal - for the dog as well as the birds. Huskies no cuddly dogs that curled all day are just lying on her doily. You need extremely much speed and they are only limited education capable because they just - racial reasons - are actually working dogs, no residential / family dogs. Do you all a favor and give the dog back either. A Husky is conceivable ungeignet for your constellation - like any other labor or hunting-oriented dog also. This includes Australian Shepherds, ever Sheepdogs, and hunting dogs (Ridgebacks, Weimaraner, etc.).

The hunting instinct ye him can not but draw - that would be like trying to a horse's gallop piers or a cat but pull the teeth. The birds have certainly not exactly lying still more - and they were there first. Since you should simply times be quite self-critical.

One of the many dog ​​schools is safe even when you close. Go there but with him going, and he learns certain rules of conduct, has run and learn other dogs (is good for the herd behavior) know.

I do not understand why half of the replies from "Husky need extremely lots of exercise" is that I do not quite clear and that was not my question, the breeder himself told me that I could still go with him 'tomorrow' bicycle because he loves it. I know that they need very much outflow, it can bring you not offer as their actual locations where they pull sleds, but much rather a lot can * we * have him run, he always falls asleep after a tour, so we reduce the duration.

Hi since the husky shortly with you lives he may not even know what he can not he needs since time tell your parents that he did not all at once can if you guys would do Bögel in a room can to finish her are the birds huskys safe are learning vehig he will learn and will certainly vögrl a cage write me

After a day do you enable but not even foresee. Moreover huskies are very docile. Check it times with NEM dog trainer of dogs which are trained by Martin Rütter and have great ideas. I wish you success.

Of course it is possible to teach the dog to ignore the parakeets. that takes time, and steady repetitions.

first you should make the cage maybe except fetch, to have details to solidify the dog.

a husky is not a novice dog. not for nothing that they are usually kept for two, or even better in rudel ...

I think with a lot of consistency from all of you can just work perfectly. Sure, they worry about the hookbills.

But I'd still have him bissl more chance give.

Bicycle tours with a puppy? That's much too early. Otherwise, the birds and dogs are not the best combinatorial should one be clear in advance. And then again typical: "We say no and he just does not" why should they? So a bird is much more exciting than a bitch Direction human. Perhaps you tried it instead with Leckerlie, toy, and nice words. Let him make sitting front cage, he can look at it like to want, just do not jump off. So encourage and praise always positive. Not scold. it's a puppy, how should he know what he can and can not ?! And yes, you're right, he needs time. A puppy learns not happen overnight. Be patient, consistent and loving. If your want ELTERM him back now, they are in my opinion not suitable for keeping a dog .... Lg

A Husky heard more than any other dog, only in the hands of an experienced dog owner. Aside from your enthusiasm (after 1 day!) To do with him cycling, I do not think you can measure at all, which needs a Husky for movement. The need to run every day, 40 - 50 Kilometer, regardless of whether nice weather outside is the most rotten or rainy or wintry blizzards at - 10 °. The one has to "break anything" every day. There's your problem with budgies your smallest problem.

I am also of the opinion that a Husky who is 1 year old, is too old to get used to in an existing ranking of a family with other small animals. It may still work, but easy is not. Your initial euphoria will soon turn into the opposite. then easier to separate now, as one year. And just you, if I have a big dog already, a golden retriever or a German Shepherd on, ideal age about 6 months.

A "purchase agreement" can only make someone more than 18 years. In return, the seller can also claim damages - for additional costs now incurred in another sale. - The hunting instinct is innate to a dog ... and not a "defect". A Husky needed every day up to 2 hours run! On the bike - can then run with the dog beside. Cyclists and Husky stay slim.

I recommend time to call on a dog school.

The dog must understand what you want exactly first! It is practice practice now in puberty practice so! Man can not expect that the dog in nearly 24 std understands that he can not the yes! So give him time .. Everything is new to him

So a Husky needs extremely a lot of exercise. Since it is not done with a few km cycling.

However, one can certainly teach the dog that bird cages are taboo.

If your parents, however, return the dog after a day, I take the view that they should keep no dogs.

It has taken over responsibility for another living creature and this responsibility should also be aware.

LQSS him simply in another room if you can fly the birds otherwise it's all

Honestly you have no debt, but your parents have examined previously but with something you deal but fetches not just you have a dog as a stuffed animal. I find that extremely irresponsible. Puppies need to learn, and if you are consistent and then time invested should go. You children the animal to take away again where are yes apparently keen interest in the animal show I find totally wrong, is still many problems mAchrn if you do not get away with it rightly you have to specify a full-grown already trained dog. Mich upset that my dog ​​was as a Christmas present from parents have then afterwards pinned oh yes, the do not come housebroken to the world .... When the came to me was absolutely terrified. please think carefully before buying one dog and not afterwards

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