Parents never surprise me for my birthday?

Hello community,

So my friends had all in recent months birthday .. And I've noticed how they always talked about it as sweet her family is undso .. That they as they have stood up surprised by the family with cakes and decoration .. That they always get as many sweets and much more ... So I soon birthday and going .. 14. My parents gave me everything always what I wanted .. So mobile phones, laptops, clothes, Nintendo, Wii, etc. But what I really wanted to was also a surprise party .. I used it before each birthday so it addressed were, and said something like "Oh my friends are always surprised by their families with this and that when they get up .." and once I even asked if they can surprise me .. it was my 12th birthday .. But, the only thing they said this: ,, your father must get up at 4 am and work and your brother is anyway not wake up as early as you've got school on your birthday. ".. because he is already grown up and studied. But he has always holiday when I've GB and then .. with us, but I would rather be times surprised by my family as something .. That makes me for years so broken. and if you ask me what I get I said only "a phone" or something. But I do not need something like that! The only thing I wish is sometimes gifts of love. I know that everything sounded cheesy and I'm sorry for all the careless. I just do not know what to do .. I feel so unwertvoll against my parents .. Can you help me? Sincerely Syoku

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That you should definitely so ask your parents, even if you have tried it several times.

Forecast it but not so on the wing, but please your parents to an interview and tell them that the only thing you thee now wishes a surprise party is that does not have to be the same in the morning.

Possibly would you yes to start a small Yes tartlet with candle, cake, flowers, etc rich.

You have to make clear that it is very important to you to your parents.

However, you also can join in the gifts do not complain, sometimes you can not have everything you want and sometimes simple things are worth more than the most expensive gifts.

LG Pummelweib :-)

Hello Syoku!

This is the same with me. But parents show their love sometimes different. It's hard to show it. But keep it in mind: They love you! In a surprise party or it does not come on. Would they not love you, you would not get. I often talk to my father, I know how hard it is to show love

Greeting JustANormalBoy

I can understand that you wish for a surprise party, but that can not be so easily done. Something that you could make to your GB: Surprise your Ma! (I work in a private household, where there is a tradition that the birth day child a bouquet bestows on his birthday the mother, in gratitude for the birth..) I myself did not get it - neither my son nor with my Ma - but find the idea behind it is very beautiful. If you appear on your BD with a bouquet for your ma, they will certainly be very happy about it. Ev is it actually even surprise you with something beautiful! An attempt is definitely worth it. LG

If they do not DIR Ueberraschungsparty - why You turn the Speiss not simply and organisierdt a party for your family ??? Someone like you would have liked to ... Be proactive times! You will wonder how liberating this can be!

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