Parents of girlfriend pay dog ​​tax


from an acquaintance, the parents have a dog. And the acquaintances told me that her parents probably do not pay taxes on it.

What can happen there? Should we report? Presented as even the suspicion?

The best answer

My advice would be: tell your girlfriend, it's not okay to pay any tax on dogs for the dog. You can also say that it is quite common that the clerk's office carries out inspections of the dogs tax stamps (in Ziviel and particularly fond of popular dog exercise areas).

Sign or "blacken" I would the family in your place not ...


Report must not - as there is no law ;-); you can report it, however. Is only the question whether such a vague suspicion what happens and if you really want this report. but at the "trinkets" screaming yes people faster, asl when things really about something serious goes ^^ What could play on the family? Control and then an additional payment of fees which adds up.

It is not rightful not to pay the tax, but it may also be that there is ekeiner taxes in Gemeind. In Bavaria there as a community that has no control.

Personally, I am however completely against dog tax, since it is not even used for dogs and their owners, but put into a pot and also allgemeienn bre roadworks used etc.

We are one of the countries eltzeten something ever have, just because the municipalities reluctant to give up their source of income.

Ads I would not. Should do what he thinks is right each. Is it at some point, they have to pay extra taxes.

I think it's not ok, when people do something. But worse, I find it to interfere in the affairs that concern a nothing. There are moments when it is important to press charges, including suspicion of violence in the family or the neglect of children. But if the pay or not, let rather be their concern.

Keep it merely as a raus.Zum you know not whether people pay dog ​​tax or nicht.Was is if you a false suspicion extremely. Also coming to them sooner or later on the track if you are not zahlen.Sie would then have several thousand euro fine bezahlen.Alles their problem-or you should not.But feet still halten.denn the biggest scoundrel in the country that is and remains the informer

I dutifully logged my two dogs. I know plenty of people who have not done it and I also said that my opinion.

Dog control is always absurd, because all dog owners are unanimous. But what do you do ...

Do what you can not leave, they register or not. You have to live with not I.

@ Sternchen099,

I do not care if anyone his dog logs in the community or not. I pay my taxes and therefore it is good.



why do you ask? Want to blow the whistle? Honestly I also pay no tax on dogs and no one disturbs it in the neighborhood!

It is not i. O., when people refuse the dog tax. But it's not your job to ask this question publicly, to complain or even to bring to display.

No, because the information you learn about triangles. Who knows if that's true at all. You can tell they want their parents advise necessarily to sign the dog, otherwise they can get into trouble with the acquaintance.

Subscribe You will not have the only serious crimes such as murder, treason, preparing a war of aggression, money or securities forgery, crimes against personal freedom, robbery or extortion You must show.

Jo'll show them - the denunciation Hurrah!

This can be expensive:

it is not even a "real crime", even if evasion is already punishable: talk to the people and make them realize that they are NOT LATER THAN THEN prosecuted if even a city employee at the animal NO tax stamp on collar place.

What do you think, how many people bypass the dog tax? Stop you from it and not play the moral high !!!

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