Parents persuade a hamster


As you Vllt have already seen above, I would like a hamster.

My parents say, however, that 3 as my gerbils. I did this while getting only 5 weeks before .. But I think, with 4 animals, there is an even number.

I just so looked around at the hamster help & am in love with a hamster. This hamster would be perfect for me: The forage, aufstehzeiten (about 9 o'clock, I'm just with the learning done) everything.

I know myself very well with hamsters from - Better than some hamster owners ...

Only my parents thought it would be too loud when at night the impeller Runs - My counterargument: There are very quiet!

Then: Hamster stink - No, do not, if done often enough clean ...

And just because my mum earlier even hamster had & have lived only partially 1 year, she thinks she knows better :(

I could also pay everything myself, but my parents think that it's not about money :(

Do you have ideas how I can get this Hamster Dame? In the hamster aid are animals who desperately need a home, so it's good: I can give her a home and learn to take responsibility for another animal ...

The best answer

Three gerbils, hopefully does it well.
Renner normally keeps to exactly two animals. Groups with more than two animals, even to an odd number, often break apart in the course of sexual maturity.

So before you think about a hamster, you'll realize that you have to separate your racer and then possibly hinzuvergesellschaften the individual animal have another partner. And you've got a nice even number of animals in two enclosures.

Then: Hamster stink - No, do not, if done often enough clean ...

In fact hamster enclosure stink rather, if one cleans them too often!
In hamsters and racers please max. every 6 - 8 weeks to clean the enclosure, and although they are only part of cleaning! Never the entire litter exchange (as long as no mites or fungus is present, which would make it necessary).

But as I said:
Show only times whether your Renner Group holds so ever. Personally, I would advise you to separate them before the first dispute, the unterlegenste animal rauszunehmen and to get this another conspecifics.

Tell them that you can give her a good home. My dad was in the beginning hand but when he was even there, he could not be mad and he loves the 'creature' as he calls it meanwhile also) help your parents always the budget, be nice to them and show you that you can bear responsibility and that you love them. And tell your parents need to worry about anything. I think it is all about your mother that she did not like that again if they then also dies ... Maybe you can tell her so that you need to give her a good home and that it is your responsibility what you with her doing. Good luck :)

I did it when I told them I could take responsibility, and then I have hamster books from my pocket money 2 gekauft.Irgendwie they then realized that I'm serious, and then they bought me one.

Coaxing is NEVER good!

Get used to it first to your mice. If you have the hamster, what do you want? It somehow sounds just as you would the mice not good enough, or become boring again after 5 weeks.

Artgerechte hamster enclosure you never completely purified. (Remove only the soiled litter) Every 6-8 weeks in some clean, I'll do it even less. Pipiecken every 1-2 days. Added to this are veterinary costs etc. I hope now just that you have in the mice denied.

"Persuade parents" already says everything.

Probably you will not hear namely:

Even if you now all promise solemnly that you will take care of all the animals in 1-2 years, the world can already look different, and the constant cleaning of the cage, etc. will send you annoying. DAnn remains naturally hang everything on your parents.

And the mere fact that you have 3 gerbils, makes me not just hope that you are comfortable with rodents. Gerbils should namely keep only two. 3 groups may be unstable and you have there biting ...

The mice rich yet. I have a hamsta. In the beginning I found undso him totally great. Now he's somehow become boring. He annoys total in the night. My sister has zwerghamsta NEN. The total are small sweet and also quieter. Unfortunately, my sister can not much to do with the. This hamster breed you can nähmlich nich take on the haand or so. They're much too fast and jump off undso. So hamsta are boring. This is my opinion

Hi :) I had yesterday still exactly the same problem :) I also wanted a hamster and now have a ('ll soon 13) if your erster.hamster is then just look on ebay Classifieds for Great cages and informiere.dich good about it here is a link that might help you:

http: // ...

Hope I could help you :)

I have had good experiences so as not to surprise my parents with the animal desire but once ask generally for animals and start a conversation with parents about an animal (for example, by interesting facts about the animal) you should your parents also say clearly, you exactly this animal who want and will no other and gur worry about. I wish you luck! LG

Hello I had myself a hamster who lived not by 1 year's the small had a krankheit..bitte aleine halten.hamster life Noise 1-2 years they do not. But please do not rines from a pet shop to be 1zu early abgegem although they should still be with the mother. Where died the little it is me just spoiled a hamster to have, I was just sad. Think about good to whom you you still have a hamster kauftst have a 2 cage lg

Just say you were good for them to worry. Greeting, Soeber

Are the mice really not? In nem month then want a rabbit or something?

Hi, I'm so so sorry to have to slow down because you, but your hamster probably did not even live longer because life would be too stressful for you.

1. What is meant that with the hit, want so hopefully no hamsters as having set purely ???

2. Aufstehzeiten 9:00 ??? False, hamsters are nocturnal animals, if then was hopefully 21:00 meant and I hope that your parents do not let yourself get so bad long ?? I would in fact find already not great for you, need him some day rest.

3. writes the correct laughing in this case .....

4.Also silent wheels may run inconsistently, depending on their age .... then the loud ....

5. If you too often cleans the cage will stress the animal is huge, hamsters appreciate something not at all. If then you can clean the toilet and check the nest, as rid the heap before the multi-chamber house, the out shoveling the hamsters. But ne complete cleaning is unusual for animals strongly attached to their area and are forced to use their mark.

6. You're like your mother .... at least you get the feeling when you read your text, although it has a lot of opinions, but no knowledge ....

7. Whether you can pay everything myself I think is questionable ...

-artgerechte dwelling with alterations: approx 75-150 €

- Animal-friendly equipment at least € 65

- Real food in about 8, - € per month

- Litter, hay and Co, depending on where between 10, - - 45, - €

- The bathing sand, between 4-12 €

- Vet visits (depending on the disease of 5, - € - 150, - €)

- Other accessories 15, - € (wells, nibbles and Co)

If you really want to have a hamster, you should first go here on this site and study in detail:

Then you can with the right knowledge represent your opinion and then have an even better opportunity to enforce it. Because maybe your mother know that many theories of you were not really .....

The aufstehzeiten (about 9 o'clock, I'm just with the learning done)

What I would like to add to the other answers: it is not said that the hamster behaves the same with you, as in the foster home. Especially in terms of Aufstehzeiten, the shifts often backwards. So you have to be aware that it may also be that the hamster with you only get up when you're lying in bed long and you basically do not have anything from the animal then you.

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