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but I would like to try poledance am not yet 18 and must but it somehow .How convince can the best get noticed?

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Hey BlackPolkadot98,

what are your exact motives? Maybe you should start with the fact that you explain why you want to do with Pole Dance your parents. Maybe you should convey that it is pole dancing is a real sport, and not a bar culture your parents. Maybe your parents connect with pole dance something else than you do. Go one on the history of pole dancing. Pole Dance is namely actually from India and see its origins in Mallakhamb (an Indian dance). Show your parents but a few documentaries on the sport. Besides, you yourself should directly infomrieren what Pole Dace costs. Here ( ) you can read a lot about it. Reasonable pole dance bars have been around for around 150 euros. However, you should not be able to get underestimate what additional cost to you. Here cost of soft floor mat and trainer costs may be incurred. You should search for a school in any case, because pole dancing can be quite dangerous.

I hope I could help you something


Pole dance can be taught as a sport and dance like everyone else. To bring your parents closer, helps a good studio or a good dance school. Look at you in your times to close and take there ever touch. With us in the studio often, parents are just among teens at d it. First hour here or bring their daughters at least in the dance school to look around times and to talk with the coach

In addition, there are sometimes special U18 or teen courses where the parents then also can be sure that is taught age appropriate.

Tell your parents that they can trust you, that you are confident, responsible. This is a process, so to have to constantly develop and not 1 day prior to Dance Pole ... But well, so it should be enough! All the best and have fun!

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