Parkour training alone

Hello, I started 2.5 weeks ago with Parkour. So I do this once a week for about 2 hours. But that is me definitely too little and in my near are two really good places for it. Culture Forum and there in the hinterland from Potsdamer Platz (so I'm from Berlin).

On Sunday I was on so nem large meeting of traceurs and that was pretty cool.

But I can still almost nothing at all. And it sure looks a bit weird when someone all the time trying alone on so ne wall jump (and it does not create).

It's just really nice weather out there and I'd love to go out, but my modesty prevents me from.

What can I do about it?


The best answer

I would advise that you speak to you simply choose a few people with whom you can train regularly. Personally, I find it then no longer so embarrassed if you stand with several people. On always or facebook you can find groups or people who like to free Parkour training have :)

I have to admit I have my shame lost only when I was halfway good. Before that, I guess like everyone is so good ashamed. But if I think logically

Parcours should eh nobody alone doing always happen what may

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