passive / active resistance in the Ns-time definition

Can anyone define the passive and active resistance anyone please. and if they helped war refugees in hiding or helped him in any way, was the active resistance or passive?

Thank you in advance:)

jolly molly

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The example that you mention, is located exactly in the twilight zone between passive and active resistance. Because it's not really direct combat, such as sabotage or even assassination attempts, but has an active feature, namely by doing something that violates the law.

For me, the distinction is purely linguistic or definitional - typical school question, but you can philosopieren about how we want to do that here as well:

http: // ...

I want to say: It depends on the definition. But would generally be a sensible definition: Active resistance is achieved when active actions to be taken against the order made before; passive, if action is not taken directly, but by example, by slowly performing duties the system is weakened.

But in totalitarian systems the latter is often regarded as sabotage.

Look for example Wiki: "Passive resistance".
Even the passive (and active) resistance to the Nazis can ergooglen easily.

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