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Hello my dears ,

I need your help once. The point is that the Kindavater asked by my son yesterday after the act and I want please send him because he needs for his lawyer. Concerns must I have sole custody and he cares more than a year not to his son not even ask how they are doing. Of course, I said that I do not give out without precise statements why he needs the. But he calls me no reason. What could he want with it: - /


The best answer

What ever. Send him also does nothing for you. If any office that requires you kannste still react. Imagine he requested bolder white parental leave or something stupid

or he wants a savings account at bank in the name of your child to create paid dadrauf pocket money. But he does not need a lawyer.

suspected Definitely.

I would ask that before times your lawyer for advice. Do not just hand out or send.

Yes that's why I'm doing this either.

He logs not Birthday and not etc for Christmas and he did not even want to stand in the birth certificate.

Half custody he can not sue or so?


Ne not even that!

Because 1. he is not in there, and 2. he write from the Youth Welfare Office that it is his son, etc.

Would still really good times to know what he does so before the lawyer: - /

Ask your attorney if you have. Probably want the child's father somewhere save money by specifying, to have a child. Ask prefer but a lawyer

You can send him a photocopy, if he calls you on the ground. Give not remove the original from the hand.

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