patient psychotherapy - two weeks no visit ?! What to take


I'm starting inpatient treatment among others, for depression. Well tells of a the and the other which, for example, that one may as 2 weeks are not visited and not allowed to return home and must have no contact and so what -. Thus has anyone experience? How was that with you so?

Now I come to my course stupid, with a huge suitcase to compete because ... I want for 14 days to take everything you need and do not know whether there can wash and visit yes then probably not ... If I call there and questions whether there can washing and so, I was told in an unkind way that would be explained and clarified everything on admission, so that I can of course start extremely much ... I mean, I wear not every day n fresh shell and ne fresh pants ... but I still sooo a huge suitcase, because I also books, writing materials, towels and sports equipment etc take with ... I'll me there so extremely stupid before ... I will just always everything right make and forgotten nothing and so ... I do ahh me about things thought are perhaps total nonsense ... Did you have in therapy also as much convincing with? Are there things that I should not forget to bring (apart from washing things, dentifrice, drugs ..)

And another question would be whether I need to check with the insurance company something, or whether this is done through the clinic?

I ask you to give no stupid comments ... For me it is something just a problem ...

Thank you ever for answers.

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When I was in therapy could from the outset any calls evening and every Wednesday afternoon was able to visit one and from the beginning I was every weekend home, the family / friends. Except for any 3. Since we had stations weekend. But you could still go home you had only until 19 o'clock back be. And at 8 could be home again.

Just Take everything with what you'll need. Also had a huge suitcase with ^^ only because I was too lazy to wash but have given the easy on we my mother;)


is the treatment in a hospital or in a rehabilitation center?

There is evidence to the website of the device?

If the device at the residence or further away?

Is there currently a school or a company training?



I will just always do everything right and forget anything and so

No problem...

For the hospitalization You need a briefing, which can exhibit your GP or psychiatrist. You should also bring your health insurance card. In larger hospitals, there is usually a washer and dryer for the patient, otherwise you should before departure to a laundromat near the clinic googling.

Visit is usually not a problem, unless the visit is part of the problem and not the solution, if you know what I mean. Not more than weekend trips are not so welcome in the first few weeks.

Otherwise you have to a 'Communion only once on "phase actually the whole day a well-filled treatment program. Reading material and music should be enough to start with.

It is different prop one must visit to get there visit daily the is however different for each hospital ...... just take the wash tool with clothing slippers towels you get since then würd I still take what music evenings or so if bed rest is it is sau lw ........ because of the health insurance how old are you ?? I so get the needed for filling nen chit .......

Hi, so I suppose there is the possibility to do the laundry. otherwise it can be easily carried something to employment: -Schreibzeug -Malzeug -Jogginganzug sneakers as slippers -a blanket or pillows -Kuscheltier -Possibly. Swimming stuff -perhaps a coloring book -räteselbuch diary free -Music

na and two weeks but are manageable. because you do not even so to spend.

Get a good stay

So normally you get a piece of paper where it says what you have to bring everything ....

You will have determined to get a flyer from the clinic. Or you inform yourself on the Internet, if there are washing machines (I'm almost sure).

Sturdy shoes, slippers, sneakers just so as a tip.

That you were not told on the phone even if have ne there WM, I find an absolute impudence! For me this hospital / psychological device would have died!

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