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I have before me a young dog lady from Bulgaria, which is now housed in a nursing station in Germany to adoptieren.Da I live in NRW is the dog tax 90 a year, only is not known to me whether I pay directly for the year, or small sum each month and are paid when muss.Direkt the current month I andem the dog Adopt and how does the application? Thanks in advance and greetings to all dog lovers. :)

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Dog control is for the current year. For 2015 you pay accordingly proportionally, from 2016 full.

Here with us (also NRW) runs through the city on a quarterly direct debit a.

Earlier this year, in January, comes the decision, in February we'll charge for the first quarter.

It is abgerechet daily basis. My girl died on 26 January, for the first 26 days in 2015, I still have to pay € 5.67.

As city runs in your church /, you can call and ask the competent body :-)

Think on it, that you may need to bring a certificate of competence if the dog is greater than 40 cm shoulder height and weighs more than 20kg.

The zustzändige community (not the State) legendie control height in a dog control Statutes. That's diverse character from place to place.

Natürklich you pay the yearly, another would have to be agreed with the tax agency. For this year only for still foilgenden Mionate. And gantz seriously if you can not pay so times just € 90, what are you doing when dog is sick and sometimes just € 1,000 fpür the TA are due ????

Fill out the form (usually also possible online / downloadfbar) and send to the tax office. fertiog

The height of the dog tax is from the town set in you live - this has nothing to do with the state!

You sign the dog the proper office, Department of Hundewesen - you will be notified to you in what form the dog license fee is debited.

We will be debited quarterly ...

spätestensnach 1 month you must login denhund nameless with you -on your, in your community. you pay the sum x 1 year at a time - the tax, which can not pay in Instalments you - best you can deduct you the money - by entering process - then you miss any payment

Come also from NRW. Zahle dog tax quarterly.

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