pay dog ​​tax without a valid decision?

Hello community,

I am owner of a dog. Shortly after purchasing I have it registered with the city online, which I at once got a tax bill with the payment date. So it was for 2011, 2012 and also for 2013. For 2014, was the communication on the back of the communication of, 2013.

Now I suddenly received a reminder including late fees, because I had the dog license fee (quarterly) in February 2015 transferred. That's right, but I got nunmal no tax assessment, 2015.

Well I called the city, the lady said, the communication of 2013/2014 would continue to be valid, since the communication "The communication remains valid over the calendar year also, until a new order is issued" would. Which I held out that this set of 2011 would be in each of the tax bills until 2014 and I still get a new every year without that something had changed in the dog tax bill!

Against this argument the employee was powerless, thus explained the understanding that I would not need the EUR 6,00 overdue fines to pay, assuming I would immediately transfer the amount due, which I did.

My question now: Is it right that the city can claim the dog license without previously shipped communication? Does the phrase "The decision remains valid over the calendar year also, until a new order is issued" really valid, even though it was so far in all tax bills, so I could assume in 2015 again to receive a decision?

I thank in advance for your answers.

The best answer

Yes, this sentence is valid. In times of tight budgets strapped municipalities can be saved by such a set of sending annual notices and thus processing, management, paper and postage. The way to make a lot. in new communication is actually only necessary when changing the amount. For example, the road tax is simply debited from the account each year. For that you have received but even once eiinen communication with a similar set therein.

Unfortunately, the staff member's right. Accommodating that it has removed the € 6.

The sentence "The decision remains valid over the calendar year also, until a new order is issued" says everything.

Although I can understand your ideas very well ... With us, it is so: this decision will be valid until a new communication delivered ... There is a priori not stipulated how long the tax bill remains valid ...

Since the dog license fee is fixed Municipal, the municipal administration can also vary with the method of payment and the type of payment request ...

Rejoice that you, the small fine is adopted ...

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