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Hi :) my mum is not at home and I have to go shopping my question is has no credit card but a normal bank card with pfendungsschutz but she also has no money on it and but it's grade at work and I really need to buy to cook something I can go with this card to pay at HIT? Or not? thank you in advance

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You can not go shopping with the card from your mom.

Because you are not the owner of the card, can and you must you can not buy it.

In addition, this is probably nothing anyway, if the account has no cover.

Without PIN you can not pay with a card and if there is no money on it, the card without a credit DISPOSABLE will give nothing. you can save you the way, is just embarrassing

No you can not. You have to make do with what at home in the pantry is

No you can not. It's not your card.

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