Paying Amazon to return mailer?

Hi, I bought an Xbox One game, but which I will return (unopened). I have to pay that or paying the Microsoft?

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It depends on. If the thing you want to give back, was sold and shipped by Amazon, the shipping is paid for by Amazon. To check the exactly you need on the side of the product and right in the box is depending on the situation "and sold by Amazon". If that is, then you're on the good side :)

  • I front the return slip via e-mail to the mail.
  • It also happens that a return slip will be given on delivery.
  • Man can in order to ask the a return slip to order is this.

Microsoft? Oo

So far it was always like that Amazon has refunded the shipping. Or. you can previously print a shipping label.

You get on request a return form which you then have to pay anything.

You get sent by mail a return slip which thou shalt stick and you then save the shipping costs.

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