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I have just the problem that when I want to buy a game on Steam with Paypal requires paypal of our audit of the cash that I. My banking data indicative, although these are already indicated And if I then stated it again, tell me paypal that they already have the data. How do I fix this? Or because I understand what's wrong?

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I alleged my banking data

Yes, for your credit card. According to akzepierten of your Terms of Use:

3.6 Exclusion of payment sources. PayPal may exclude certain payment sources for selected transactions as part of its risk management. If we exclude a funding source, we will indicate which other funding source we use instead.

You can try to run the PayPal account on a credit basis as an alternative.

Log off and then on again. Pay this game if not again and ggrf. delete your payment details again.

you can also call paypal because your data was probably blocked

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