Paypal payment is not a

Hello, 10 days ago I gave the order to transfer 45 euros from my bank account Paypal. The money wurdw charged to your bank account, but I still have a Paypal balance, since 10 days. What should I do?

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well, then you have done something wrong, why you made a contract for the money transfer to PayPal, I do not understand! normal is when you buy something via PayPal online to PayPal the money will automatically fetch from your account. I've never done, only if PayPal too much money from me then I'll get that back into my account. Besides, you have to PayPal an account that you can always see.

This is of course far too lange.In usually there are 3 Werktage.Da I would sometimes contact the customer service of PayPal.

Write or call the customer service times to (I would call, faster)


Write to customer service of Paypal and describe them your situation.

If there was a mistake in their system, then the fix the safe.

Best wishes

Call Best and ask :)

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