Payroll tax, sales tax, tobacco tax

If already the wage income tax is deducted, why is there still more taxes? You already pay a high proportion of his salary to the state and is then again charged for each product that you buy almost 20%, and more exaggerated expensive tax as fuel tax, tobacco tax ... Thus goes but almost 80% of the income to the state? Why is there no revolt here? And would not control A range which will be deducted from income and done?

The best answer

Control has to draw something to do. Nevertheless, historically the tax on the fruits of labor is the oldest form of taxation.

Taxes should not only draw, so avoid unnecessary car journeys. Taxes also intended to finance our state. Unfortunately, yet hardly anyone makes clear that it is our government. For all faults and weaknesses: In the overall view we owe the relative wealth is not good or the highest earned income.

The relative wealth is due to result social security, an accessible for all educational system, perhaps even the crime rate and infrastructure in not insignificant way. All these systems and then some are state-organized and well paid.

Control is zero but only in countries where possible, where there is no state or it is very weak. Greece can not even enforce for its officials, since officials have even been more preoccupied with sideline, than with actual activity. Or people were stopped because of family ties. Then a bribe system, what we find in many other countries economically weak.

Therefore, we can of course argue whether the imported warships champagne tax can not be abolished. The bottom line does a polity. But please watch sometimes on services and how their own advantages thereof. Since you can also view their own life time.

A very big mistake for many is the fact: You look at the payroll on a gross and net. This gets all of the state. Then is the extremely false statement. No, there is a share for care fund for health insurance - you probably only possibility is to go to the doctor for pensions - where we might only get a minimum coverage level in a few years and for unemployment.

So the proportion of the tax is not a problem. I would in any case because of the tax never get the idea to want to earn less. The bottom line is, if one earns more and more money in your pocket.

A pure income tax not charged all the same. A complex system is not well. But just as there is also the opportunity to say: Here little money is earned, so no control. Since much is earned and so much control.

The people can buy the necessities of life, therefore a lower tax burden.

This system has shortcomings, but to my a simple system, the solution is mistaken would enormously.

In average there are Ca 50%. The Taxpayers shall annually determine the date on which it theoretically works into his own pocket, which is in July.

To go 80% of your income to the state, but you'd have to have a top income because the income tax maximum load is 45%, to more solid.

of the remaining more than 50%, then you'll hardly spend nearly everything for gasoline.

In addition, the special consumption tax as fuel tax (eco tax included), tobacco tax, liquor tax, etc. also the purpose in addition to the revenue generation and z. B. have a deterrent because they harm the public health, or the environment.

That would be unfair without end and can not be realized if only something dealing with the control system. But complain no more. Moreover, who would go to work when loose 60-80% of the content directly for tax goes it? Nobody...

when all would have to pay kolletiv tobacco tax that those who do not smoke would also angry again ...

Wishful thinking!

If there were only the payroll tax, this would be determined at about 60%!

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