Pc as worth it

How value and how teuyer is.

A10 6790k with 4x 4.3ghz and has a tract rate of 4.9 ghz 4 x

Graphic card . 4 GB 8670 D strong as the GT 630 almost as good as a r7 260x


8GB DDR 3. 4000 MHz super fast

And you can R9 graka or installing GTX 770 if you want.

The pc I have black ops 2 In tall singleplayer 60 to 70 FPS gambled in online 70 to 72 fps

And want to sell it

Just do not know how worth

In shops the pc shipped for 600 Euro Sold

For help getting thank you from me

The best answer

I would sell all parts individually probably get more

€ 600 who has the brain into geschi ** s? the thing is not worth more than 150 or so. roughly estimated. not new more than 300. the thing but does not have any power, if only because the GT630!

The first time in my life that I dearly with y reading: D

Guys who even plays watchdogs on HD

Oh I'm sorry, I do not think so much like a dictionary.

"1000GB SATA 500GB HDD"

Huh ??

"8gb DDR 3. 4000 MHz super fast"

What is your a Ram with the exaggerated speed?

This is an office PC and to gamble rather unsuitable. More than 300 € I would not ask for it.

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