Pc-compilation is a good thing?

Hey people I'm trying to precisely create a new Pc and wanted to ask whether the here: http: //www.agando-shop.de/product_info.php/info/p104244%7B4%7D3315%7B9%7D1952%7B ... now is good or whether I have something forgotten or what is unnecessary because someone has tips?

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The power supply is a cheap China firecrackers. The Ram is clocked very slow. The motherboard is ancient and leaves no room for upgrading. When CPU I würe rather the FX 6350 attack to monogamous.

Locate Agando generally a little expensive.

Hobbies: talk the assortment to ~ 620 €.


If the parts raussuchen at Mindfaktory.de or Hardwarevesand.de.

That depends what you do with the PC so want (What games, video editing, etc.) I would rather an Intel processor assume (probably. The i5-4460) and a Radeon 270X, but all depends as I said it to :). In this system, however, you can not select Intel, so you keep or take a new configuration, depending on what you want. I would also select a different power supply (eg Be quiet).

Try going to this page: http://game-debate.com , "Hardware" you there Reviews for Grakas and CPUs get :)

Participating prefer a R9 270x and a Be Quiet PSU

The Silent power is so'n cheap PSU, take prefer the BeQuiet 450 watts.

And then I'd think about whether you really want only 1333 RAM standard are now 1600 or even. 1866

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