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Hello, I bought 1 year ago a pc for youth consecrate ... He has almost 1000 euro cost o_O ... Here are some facts about the PC: Geforce gtx 760, Intel (R) Core i7 - 4770 cpu @ 3.4 GHz, 8GB ram memory Resolution: 1920 * 1080 60GHz driver version 344.75 ... (write me if you need to know what ...)

Now my question is why I can gamble in playing like Minecraft, COD BO2, or CODAW only wennig fps ... Eigendlich should MOIT a 1000Euro pc but can play well ...? Our internet connection with 16k should normally not be the problem ... Our is about 15 years old that's possibly a problem factor? Also when I play against Bo2 Boots laagt it ebvenfalls ... -, - please help me ?! ;)

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It may be that your PC is not clean. Start times to look for viruses so programs like C-Cleaner or similar. May I ask which disk you have?

The graphics card is not the best. The rest is ok.

have you ever installed the graphics driver


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