PC keeps crashing or hangs in Minecraft spite System Restore

As mentioned above, my PC keeps crashing or hangs. I have recently started again with minecraft. About two three days ran it well, then he hung to the middle of the play, and I had to do a hard shutdown. I have a precaution to factory settings reset to and avoid the PC again viruses similar. Then I have nothing downloaded as Minecraft, Minecraft server Hamachi and openoffice. While it runs longer good but he is still hanging and crashes. I've updated all the drivers and with Norton a full system check for viruses made of revealed nothing. So it is not a virus. My PC is no way slow old cucumber. It is already some years old (Windows 7) but was always a good PC with great performance. I have freed the PC from dust recently. What could be so.

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You write the pc is a bit old. Generally speaking, when a pc older than 5 years and constantly hangs should buy the same NEN new one because it is up to the hardware and most sas substituting it costs more than a new pc

defragment system. All drivers and newest Java installed? Maybe you have installed too many mods and the world has become too large to function smoothly. Just drop your data from the computer. So RAM graphics card CPU etc.

Which processor and which graphics card you have?

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