PC New Fit - have lost important data - how can I weider produce?

Hi, I have so rebuilt my PC 2 months ago, but notice that I have important Cube World saves verhessen draw on my USB. So I need a restoration of my data, because it takes a prop. a few tools provide the Internet. But I need the folder in shape. ie I do not know exactly how the files are named, which I had to resist restore the folder structure of the old hdd, which is indeed now formatted.

I hope someone knows a good tool .. thx


The best answer

If you have set up your PC from scratch, it's unlikely that your data "all" are still. Say, you're pretty sure lost. You could even still with a data recovery tool to try, but the chances are slim.


If you use one that is board already 2 months, it is very likely that the old data is overwritten. Using a Data Recovery Tool only you could try: http://www.chip.de/Downloads_13649224.html?tid1=39017&

I wish you success!


If you have the operating system reinstalled, kommste not serve up your data

Since this was 2 months ago all the old files have been overwritten!

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