PC proposals for GTA 5

Hi guys,

I want to bring me in April GTA 5 for the PC, but for that I need a new computer because my old will not vote. I am now not so conversant with hardware stories.

My question: Does anyone like me create a PC-proposal together?

My imagination:

  • Resolution 1080p
  • Graphics settings: high (not ultra)
  • Price not exceeding 700 € (if that is at all possible in the price range)
  • I still have a 8GB Ram bolt home

I hope someone can help me . Thanks in advance :)


The best answer

With 700 euros is the real short ...

One Ram Tie brings nich really what, but I once Bissel wanted and got what:

https: //www.mindfactory.de/shopping \ _cart.php / basket \ _action / load \ _basket \ _exter ...

With the GTA should run in any case. However, you need just still s operating system (of was to make genuine nich with the price limit)

Hope I could help ... Brown

Should have forgotten nothing actually, if but I'm sorry: /


can you so read what you need

If difficult with the money stint:

but min. i5 i7 4770k or 4790k best

to min 8 gb DDR3 and a gtx 970

there are so many questions in this regard. Just looking at google or search here at GF.net to something. there are collected hundreds of pc's in the question every day. since kannste raussuchen have lots.

Oh GTA needs but no! but Is this shooting game or ?!

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