PC starts just like that

My PC starts just so matter what I do can someone help me further? I can natührlich also each time to pull the plug but why my PC all the time for no reason is simple like that? I hope someone can help me further. Mfg

The best answer

As one might first check the following:

  • Whether configured in the BIOS Wake-events (eg WakeOnLAN, WakeOnPCI, etc.). When in doubt, perhaps even pull off after switching off the network cable. also look again in the BIOS, which there as a desired state after a power loss (power failure) is set. Set here the best Always Off.
  • Whether the On / Off switch is defective. Given temporarily disconnect the corresponding cable from the motherboard and see if the PC continues to start by itself.

A rather unwarscheinliche but possible option would be that your power supply is defective or in general passes over current to the components.

of course could also be something in the power switch terminals that comes ever before.

How long have you been the problem and how old is your computer?

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