PC to gamble III

Hello everybody!

War has always more of console gamers.

But since I want to play some exclusive titles for PC and Steam as often has good deals, I would like to buy myself a PC alongside.

How much is because about a PC, the latest games can be played on "high"? How often do you have to retrofit the example GraKa? In what has to be yet?

Thank you for your answers!

The best answer

I would there first like to know what you mean by "high". there are several steps over medium, all (ie high, very high, ultra) are theoretically high. normal high you get from just 600 euros. around 1000 euros is usually the best price / performance ratio, which then also easy enough for ultra. For 1000 euros you can expect to replace the video card that you have after 2-3 years, depending on your requirements. The rest can range already several years longer today. I consider the following sets for a very good orientation (1200 Euro Calculator is something what I would buy today):

http: //www.gamestar.de/hardware/praxis/1955515/die_besten_selbstbau_pcs_p5.html # ...

For a PC where you want to play most games with a high graphics performance, you do not come under 600 Euro. I Promote the PC itself to build or put together in the store, the price is made higher.

So a gaming PC is so to 500-1000. Windows 7 professional or Windows 8. I7 processor from Intel. Nvidia GeForce 780 ti (m Just NVIDIA fan), designed by a graphics card from Nvidia 660 ti)

I would buy a prefabricated model to me in your place as a layman (not just put together yourself). From 7-800 € it is for gaming decent, and I personally swear on the Acer Predator series, and have ne gtx 770 inside. I play only PC, because you simply can thus do a lot more. I am also a player lol so understood that seen ne console long time would rot in my closet. If you invest a little more (1000 € upwards) you can even in 2-3 years meisst games on the highest graphics settings gamble.

There are entire sets (monitor keyboard etc) which cost € 600 (very poor) and there are sets 1500 € cost (good) Purchase you prefer the good ... If you are looking just a PC want that you have a PC with operating system (often lacking) which has an i7 processor and a good Graffikarte has (what does this you can on the Internet to look) I recommend the Nvidia geforce graphics cards (bsp. Geforce GTX 980 * everything Ultra)

The question is difficult to answer. The fact is that Ready PCs never have a reasonable price-performance ratio. For PCs below 1,000, -EUR you can Build Your Own 200 to 300, -EUR save in PCs over 1000, -EUR can then be already 400 to 500, -EUR.

In what has to be yet?

The fact is also that currently nothing on an Intel CPU passes - AMD can hold a candle because at no point Intel.

The graphics cards are the ghosts, but Nvidia has currently with the GTX 970, the GTX 980 and the titanium in the lead.

You should invest in a system that can be expanded as uncomplicated kann.Da lends itself currently the LGA 1150 to. While there are already DDR4 and the base 2011-3, but which are totally overpriced.

For my. Pc I've almost 1,000 € graka output I upgrade every 2-3 years to now only ne gtx980 indoor games all on Ultra

When you purchase should you pay attention to nothing infernal machine. Best latest hardware, really good for gaming, programming, etc. Google even infernal machine 5 or 6. 5 Series is also strong.

jop with all the trimmings (monitor, keyboard, mouse, sound system) 1200. got him nu n half a year, I'm on gta v excited, but can all gamble on ultra ^^

So my PC has Ca cost € 1200 and I can play pretty much everything on Ultra

I guess you want to know how much a good PC costs a minimum. If you have around 1000 € available you are definitely good in the race. But even 700 € you get what you need. On the topic of "PC-assembling" there is for example on Youtube insanely many videos that show you what is important for a PC.

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