Pc zulangsam to videos in inernet play

Hello people my pc is too slow to play to videos on the internet for. B. Stream cloud that always depends. Can I do something about it you know a different browser probably.

Cpu: AMD 2600+ sempron Gpu Nvidia Geforce FX5200 Memory: 1Gb

The best answer

1GB RAM ??? What did you do it for an operating system?

So either you will equip to buy or NEN new, that's no longer up to date not even for minor use. Since helps also no other browser.

Buy PS new would be the better option. Gibts cheap everywhere as www.one.com or Amazon or notebook cheaper etc.

Actually takes the super go the Pc my grandma is about as ,, gut`` like yours. Driver stood up to date?

Ps: my grandma has Windows 7 on it and it can HD Watching movies :)

Is it possibly one of your internet connection?

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