Penalty for a person in need community

And although I have the internet read it at a 2 penalty in a year u25 the rental share of the person falls away but we would have to pay for itself? Because the Internet is also the other members-BG should not suffer under it and to an increased accommodation costs get but what that means I'll can not figure it. can someone help me further if we have to pay rental charge itself or if I and my son is the rental share written to us

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Following a decision of the Landessozialgericht NRW has a community of need are entitled to continued payment of full or adequate unabridged rental costs, even if against a member of BG a sentence has been imposed.

- LSG NRW, judgment of 22.03.2012, L 6 AS 1589/10 -

that is, the other members of the BG should not have to suffer from the misconduct of one individual

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