Pensioner is entitled to dog?

Hello. I once read pensioners would be entitled to be allowed to keep a small dog at least. Is that correct?

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What connection entitled to a dog? When it comes to be allowed to keep a dog in a rented apartment then that is not dependent on whether someone is retired, a general Hundeverbot in leases is ineffective, that does not mean the keeping of dogs in a Apartment is now allowed in principle, because while there may be reasons to ban, for example, if specific concerns and interests of other tenants contrast sprechen.Das is a fundamental decision of the BGH AZ VIIIZR 168/12

No - why should they?

it is only what landlords and tenants settle with each other ...

Why should that be so? The decision of the owner and not the pension department.

??? What do you mean? That the landlord must allow a small dog? No, this is not so.

No, that is not correct.

After the friendly user Peace19 my answer given has to delete, it is here again:

To whom are pensioners have a claim to be allowed to keep a dog?

Many retirees would like to have a dog, but it can not afford ...

Just because someone is retired, is not a reason is far from an ordinary dog ​​owners to be or to be ...

And you should really something "read" have in connection with a lease where dog ownership is forbidden ... - even pensioners have to comply with contractual agreements!

Claim against whom?

Who should forbid them?

How do you mean?

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