Perfumes for me (girl)

Hi I'm looking for a good smell :) I looking even he must like me and the scent everywhere else smells but I would even know what fragrance you like so much :) Ps: I'm a girl and 14 ( 15 soon)

The best answer

Only if the name "Bruno Banani" or whatever else, you buy the perfume so that DU smell good and you are well satisfied!

The name may sound great, but do not make yourself crazy it!

These perfumes where almost all have, these are totally superficial!

Miro, Alien, Bruno Banani, Christina Aguilera :) there are many varieties. Look in drugstores and to simply use different test perfumes. Find certainly what :)) Lg

So, take just any channel, or as a scrap ._.

It does not smell neither good, nor is it a pleasant smell! ._.

It just stinks only and all believe totally cool when using this "perfume". But other perfumes smell just awful!

Maybe you should buy a perfume where flowers prison smells :)

This fits really girl and it just smells just WONDERFUL

Selection - S.Oliver

Commitment - Otto Kern

Women- Hugo Boss (ned'm sure of that name. I mean the new perfume is where first came out)

Roberto Cavalli - cashmir - spirit

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