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Hello everyone, I want to make an application for a cure in the near future. How long does it take to receive approval or rejection? And after authorization when can I then make the trip? Do you have experience? Would be nice! LG

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I once applied for a cure years ago and have received approval / authorization by almost 4 weeks.

However, I have heard of faster and slower processing times.

Because somehow fits a period of 3 - 8 weeks.

At my last treatment, the time between application and approval was only 3 weeks.

Before that, I sometimes even have to wait 8 weeks. Is just different.

this should only take 3 to 5 weeks and if the fund has not responded after 5 weeks can himself search what and make the health, and the fund must then pay

that is the reason why health insurance companies refuse to kur mostly because they can pull out then free from the

if one is looking for a health clinic can be found on their pages usually the legal regulations and there stand the inside

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