period since 1 month overdue!

Hello people :( I have a problem and that the period is at my girlfriend for exactly today a month failed:.. 0 we had previously often gsv with condom but are not sure whether we have applied it right when I mean. girlfriend because of sst or a visit to the doctor ask it reacts easily irritated and says that this is unnecessary because she knows her body and she knows that she is not pregnant! I despair :( please help me :(

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The period may also consist of other reasons sometimes fail or be late. For example, by stress. When the body and mind need to process more important, it can happen that absent the period. even if you make it pressure and they themselves, is far head thing she has failed sin piece.

But even if you think you know his body. As she imagines that feel? She has since no struggle or 3-4 kg more wealth feeling. And why will you sick when you supposedly knows his body.

But good. You also have another possibility of pregnancy to detect. Ex. Frequent nausea, mood fluctuation, hungergefuhl or Sättigungsgefuhl. Your belly is growing from the third month. (Abortion last chance). Etc. But talk to her about your fear. As loves the partner you should do you like to, because the tests do not even the big money costs.

  • Pretty reckless. If there is no pregnancy, it can be a nasty disease. Especially with the HP virus should not be trifled with you. Hence, if it is not treated, incur cancer. And I think it would be for them a big shock when they can no longer have children because of their listlessness later.
  • You should quickly take a test. Buy her Just one and then insist that she makes him. If she is pregnant, then are you both something. Therefore, it should also be tested.
  • If, however, is negative, then it should still go to a doctor. There are many reasons why this may not occur one period. But I think your friend is not a doctor or trained in a similar direction. Then they can not judge it. This can say only a doctor and an investigation.
  • And pregnancy symptoms must not be there even if she is pregnant. For me it was really going until the 9th week of pregnancy. Previously, only my mens is just fancy and my breasts were slightly larger. But no nausea or other symptoms.
  • Especially if it does not act quickly, then it may be too late when she pulls an abortion into consideration. In the worst case, you need to * hole and go petzen with her mother a ARSC. Then they will have to address it. I think no woman knows her body so well that she recognizes any disease.
  • I myself had an abnormal smear years ago. My Mens remained, then I got the diagnosis. I expected a disorder due to stress, but not so. It has been recognized luckily early and I was able to be treated with medication. But I would not have done, it would perhaps have been different and I would have to fight against cancer.
  • So you buy a test. If they are so sure is that she is not pregnant, then it should not be a problem to make a test. After all, he is indeed ausffallen eh negative after testifying.

Either it makes a pregnancy test and / or go to the gynecologist or You separate yourself from it. Since it does not take the pill and you have not applied the condom properly, anything can happen.

Where only takes your girlfriend this security ?? How about if you procure a cancellation and they ask for it, to make it? And please let tell you how to use condoms properly when you are you so insecure! For example, when her gynecologist or Pro Familia.

Buy a pregnancy test and urge them to use him as you do you intense worry. When I'd refused the test superior to me whether it is a future-proof partner.

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