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Hello community,

Consider the following scenario. If a truck or bus drives past my house, everything starts to vibrate at. Ground, terrarium, hanging cabinets ...

The hang the parts only with dowels and screws in the wall, I have the feeling that sometime in the near future so falling down a closet and anything under him destroy (TV, movies, etc.)

Would a private liability insurance pay me the damage, if by something my will and have good destroyed or damaged?

The best answer

The liability not ever. The is are liable only for damages for the DU. So when the cabinet from the wall crashes through the floor and the apartment of your lower neighbors demolished. Or the lamp from the ceiling falls.

This pays no insurance!

But I wonder if not a little has been tampered with the construction of this house.

Even in homes that are on busy roads, I have such never heard, let alone seen.

No, why? Concern beforehand that this does not happen, looking you possibly even a new apartment, because those are unsightly conditions.

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