persuade mother dog. (Golden retriever)

Hi, I would like to now for many years a dog. Unfortunately, my mother is against it. However, I do not understand why. I have a cat, which means that the dog would never alone. I am doing well in school, to'll take care of my cat, so really could not speak against what me well. I would go out every day long with the dog and me busy term with him. My mother can call me no real reason, she always thinks only they do not want a dog. I also told her that they would not deal with him, but that she does not care. About a year ago I had gone so far to say yes. No idea why it now is against it. Can you perhaps tell me in my mother still can persuade?

I am 15, if it helps.

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Hi, in the age it is of course difficult thoughts adult to interpret correctly) not for nothing that they are age Technically you already assumes and can draw on experiences that you indeed so never had. Locate your mother could ever take the time to explain it to you in peace times, but now I try to time :) So, think first what adults is the love of money, although money does not buy happiness, but it helps a tremendously when it has. A dog, a grad breed dog like Golden Retriever, the you aspire already costs € 1,000 a breeder. Since then you have only the dog, without which. Since that's not all ,, is primarily now the organizational as dog control, dog liability insurance, Sachkundenachweis (makes your mother at the vet, as the driver's license for the car, a questionnaire) and reserves for the veterinarian. You mean then come to the 1,000 € still about 140 € dog tax year, about 100 € Dogs liability in (sometimes there even cheaper) and unique about 40-50 € for the certificate of competence. Then sinds already 1280-1300 € without the dog food and toys. You mean then gets even Collar, crockery, linen, toys, dog's mat, dog coats, something for the car (box or seat belt), food, treats and Co ... when tasting buys low that again 200-300 €. Then your mother is € 1,500 for an invoice of approx. And that was just the acquisition and the first year without vet ..... there should come the costs inevitably you look so put money for a rainy day and the beginning already have so much money that you can guarantee the treatment of the animal. We humans are indeed medically insured, therefore we notice the prices of the doctor not because the insurance company it bezahtl. In dogs, you pay it myself and since cases there because it goes into the thousands € purely ... eg are breeds Goldis and often joint problems get surgery for a new hip on both sides may well cost and 8,000 € happy. If you have not the money, you can treat the dog only with painkillers and the animal stribt sooner or it is new in hands that can pay for it. And believe sometimes that's a bad conscience that you never their fixes again! Thus, the financial is the main reason to be, a dog is very expensive, unfortunately, you can not be expected to get a super healthy dog ​​of life be long nix costs ....

Then there is the further that wants to live your mother. She has already taken responsibility for yourself and for the cat. Maybe it's too much work? You must now already maintain the cat, saying clean up litter she betüdeln and feed. Get it helps but probably with homework and cook food? If they would have a dog it would have to reshape their day so that it has minimum 4-6 hours time only for the dog .... maybe she's afraid, will no longer have enough time for you?

Then I do not know whether your mother once had dogs and that's why it does not want. Since I would not even convince your statement with dog and cat. Since these two species together not "talk" to. It is when your mother would say that would force the rich above the room you sit as a friend the spider. Am sure you're there to get even what replaced against had, friends by Webeknecht in the corner ....

And finally your mother have to think about yourself. You're 15 and at school and should now slowly consider what you will want and give it to the school everything. A dog may be distracted at home, so that you forget homework or erledigst wrong. And he could overwhelm you with 15. As you might so yes live your own lives, with dog decides the dog what are you doing. Say every day at least 2 hours to get up earlier for walking of dogs. After school is rest with nothing, but then goes on, a few hours walk the dog. Then kannste do homework and have Gassigehen again. Especially since soon the time comes to go out with, for example, cinema, disco, bar and Co ... as you can the dog does not take away, therefore you ought to stay at home while the other celebrating their lives. And in 3 years you're 18, possibly in training and hardly at home or going off time, then what about the dog ??? Then the is definitely not because you then 9-11 STTD day simply working up, plus commute - you would your dog, you neglect very strong, so that it would be almost animal cruelty.

If a dog's desire is there, then you have to wait until you get right in life stand, can thus purely also plan 10-15 years in the future;) Or even if your mother gets a taste and a dog wants to buy and he also really belongs to her.

I have a cat, which means that the dog would never alone.

By this you realize that lacks any knowledge about dogs. a cat, a toy or other animals not substitute caregiver for a dog. Improperly attached beige alone leads to frustration and anxiety in dogs. What causes it they bark the neighborhood together, or you destroy the Interior to chew up on paws and wound licking, through all the stress. Prepare you better get a second cat to, that would be appropriate animal against the than alone. And we have my parents always said "as long as you have your feet under our table ..." Your mother gave you a reason "they do not want a dog" which is reason enough and needs no further accountability. Moreover, in a few years you have more school, then when you're done you start a training or study, which often brings with it a change of scenery. And then your parents have the dog on the cheek. Animal Love starts there, which one perceives to be not suitable for a dog.

A Golden Reriever is a relatively large dog, needs a lot of exercise and should have a garden with kennel. Do you have a garden? You have to remember that you then in any weather in the morning (before school), have lunch and dinner with out him. Maybe your mother is concerned that the stuck her? A cat can easily leave for a long time alone, a puppy has to be educated and you do not know whether the two agree. Similar concerns will have your mother. Ask them easily afterwards. Lg lilo

Can you perhaps tell me in my mother still can persuade?

must persuade the worst requirements, after all is a dog indeed be a Fmilienmitglied and must be liked by everyone Fmilienmitglieder and welcome.

Further to your interests, obligations and friends in the next few years will change, so you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will! Work with the dog would then remain hanging just to the person who did not want a dog, your mother!

Dogs are also very expensive! Insurance, dog tax, food, kennel (holiday period), accessories, vet (can sometimes cost up to 2000 EUR, z. B. OP in case of accident or illness of the dog) dog school etc ... So it is very expensive a dog to entertain. A dog lives 10-18 years and one must be able, a dog, a dog elves long, to be every day needs.

Much time is also on top of that need, because a dog has several times daily. Great depth and are gassi out, whether it storms or snows!

Stop to edit your mother! Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

There are many reasons which can not always do justice to the dog. Your mother overlooks the :) With your 15 years, you will soon be completely different interests, augehen, a friend and certainly not sufficient time for a dog :)

You imagine a dog really easy before ... You and your brother alone can not have a dog justice. you have firstly not enough money nor the time ..

A dog changed the entire life and daa for a long time.

A dog can not you just let time 3 hours alone, vorallen it does not stop at 3 hours. You will eventually get an education. You want to go away happy times with friends, vorallen if you are in love time after school.

You'll probably not get up at night every 2 hours and out go, whether it's cold and windy. If you are sick need a dog out also.

I have two dogs, am soon 26 and could give me the two temporally not afford it were not for my parents 100% behind me and the two dogs.

Have your mother in peace and hear them on to annoy, she eventually has to pay for the dog, so she also has the right to decide.

Who takes the dog for a walk, if you have a school and later study / job? The cat or your mother, who do not care needs?

If mother says no, then it's true.

Is your mother working? If yes, the dog is a day alone? How long he has to stay alone?

And what if you then eventually move out and work going? Then what about the dog? He eventually survived loose 15 years with good posture.

Young people aged 15 years have a few more years to go to school, then followed by a study or training ... and so you can read it already clear who has to work with the dog.

You have time to take care of you now not even enough to the dog, finally decent people do not want a dog indeed let sit for hours alone at home ... and then there's a very special topic: MONEY !!!

You know that the purchase price for a healthy golden retriever puppy of about 1200 - 1500 € not done ???

Counting times with monthly costs of about 150 € and no extraordinary statement from the veterinarian may still come in between ...

So: It does nothing to persuade your mother !!!

Are you aware how expensive and how much care is such an animal?

"I would go out every day long with the dog and me busy term with him."

Who's believes ...

if you can not understand why she's against it, you also have no idea of ​​dogs

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