persuade parents to dog ?!

Hey, I would have loved a dog I come very well with you and I also have experience'm all cost conscious (I have all the costs recorded), I have already made a plan with the feed go for a walk .... My father wants a dog. My parents are self-employed and Dess half always home! If we would take him my friend would be on vacation (himself a bitch) would be nice if you give me tips give ...

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For me, it sounds as if you had no longer do much. Red down first with your father about it and show him your plan. If he anyway a dog wants then you can I believe him easily convince to get a dog. And since your parents are selbsti and you the dog jn the holidays / vacations taken away can ddas's all no problem. Lg

Wrought simply a plan, simply talking about a parent then becomes easier with the second

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