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Hello, I write for, who no longer knows itself. She suffers since 2008 from PTSD. To date, she was also able to work, has then bought a dog to support two years ago. (The therapist has recommended this because sieimmer had more solitary and enormous difficulty leaving the house) She loves the little mouse and has already done with it progress. Purchases are possible, sports activities, meeting with acquaintances, etc. Unfortunately, then came on 12.23.2014 the diagnosis that bitch has various heart conditions. Currently, fortunately not yet treatable, but with age it may deteriorate. In February, the female then began to lame. We are of course to the vet and have searched various forums, the dog had to be operated. (About 1000 euros plus aftercare) My girlfriend sets monthly 120 euros aside for the dog. Insurance is due to heart disease is no longer possible. Animal Welfare and panel can not help / support here unfortunately.

You could pay the OP, but it went on the savings it. Today came the bad news, the dog needs surgery again, but this time costs come in the amount of almost 2,000 Euro materialize because the OP is difficult. There is no way at this OP. We have already asked Shelters, Animal boards and family members, but no one is willing to help. You think, my friend was to part with the dog. But that they can not. The dog is super supplies with her. But can pay two operations within one month even be difficult for sick, working people. For them it is because of their disease (she gets pension for incapacity, limited until November, but it starts at the end of this month a measure) impossible. Without this dog can not live. It would break her heart and she would cave in.

Has anyone here perhaps an idea how to help her. Are there points of contact? Anything, anyone?

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Talk to the veterinarian Vlt he makes an installment payment. My TA offers installment payments, he says himself always who has the early as 2000 € just like that at home.

Vlt you turn on Animal Welfare Orga. Some have already started raising activities.

Your also can vlt sell stuff.

Oh how nice...

to give us to read these "begging letter" Extra you have enrolled at GF?


There are therapeutic measures which are paid for by law insured people by the health insurance or RV-makers.

So I am sorry (if in the matter should be some truth): People who keep a dog have a responsibility for the animal and if you stand alone, and nowhere more credit gets to the animal to be medical assistance, then you have the dog over to the shelter for the treatment and attendant or you can treat a very sick dog the way over the rainbow bridge.

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