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My old electric Pfaff sewing machine has long been cooped unused. When I tried to use them again, they ran, but could not be shut off by the pedal. When I put the plug in the socket, it begins to run, although I did not kick the pedals. If the fault is on the pedals which is not jammed by inspection or can something be also on the engine?

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On motor can not lie.

Probably to a short circuit in the pedal or in the direction from the pedal to the engine.

then obviously because of the pedal. Since a spring contact inside which clamps well and does not return. Probably a new pedal be due if it is not raparabel. Maybe a used

It will definitely be on the pedal, or in connection with the pedal jack. The pedal is referred to as a starter, that normally regulates the speed of the motor.

At rest, ie without a foot on it and some pedal pressure of the engine is not running, turn. Since the internal was not ready by the pedal in the Service Manual which I have seen, can only be assumed as the ausssieht internally works.

As it is described as a resistance against the motor, the resistance at rest position of the pedal is probably so high that the engine will not start. Maximum speed will be achieved only if pedal is pressed by -in the sense of Pedalbewegung-.

Problem may be either mechanically or electrically, but to be sought internally in the pedal. If there is no short circuit in the supply cable to the pedal, because that would be an additional possibility of error when one can not make sweeping statements, whether pedal or Intern in the plug.

If I had the pedal in front of me, I could soon tell where the exact problem is and likely eliminate.

I might come quick call and hope that it is present, the former employee of Pfaff service.

The pedal will certainly have a plug-in connection to the machine, so pull this plug. How machine behaves then? Without it should not run, I guess. How many contacts has the plug off the pedal?

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