pharyngitis already for half a year!


I am for the time at a loss, have for half a year an inflammation in the throat that just will not go away .. in the beginning I had to wrangle every few weeks with colds and sore throat, hardly it was gone and I once had frozen everything was back there .. have meanwhile stopped with smoking. beginning of this year I had an acute inflammation almond was with antibiotics pretty well healed .. since I was no longer sick .. but I have since a chronic pharyngitis (according ent) .. it tried inhale, panthenol sucked, tried by holiday agree to spare .. the inflammation remains -.- ent doctor had a smear taken was ok now I was at the family doctor who has written me pantoprazole to test whether it possibly comes from the enteric ago, but I tolerate the drug was not as good .. can also make a blood test today came out that the bsg (anti worth) and the number of blood cells not ok are .. sry text for so much, but one probably you have thus already times experiences made and you tell me on what could be yet? do you think it would be useful sometimes to get tested thyroid? Thanks in advance =)

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walked me similarly. Had almost 1 year long lasting sore throat and pharyngitis. Then 4 tonsillitis succession, the antibiotic no longer helped. Then I have the sch ... let me remove things and has since garnichtmehr sick.

I also had increased rheumatism values. Is probably connected with the constant inflammations in the throat.

Did you leave the allergologically clarify?


Hello Wuschel93, first of all congratulations that you no longer smoke. I think with the thyroid has your throat inflammation rather do nothing. Presumably your immune system is not strong enough to cure the infection. In addition to vital nutrients rich diet, plenty of exercise in the fresh air (vitamin D formation!), A good stress management and adequate sleep, can the intake of the trace element zinc (z. B. Unizink, prescription from the pharmacy) to be helpful to your immune system to strengthen. Zinc has also proven colds, reduces inflammation and is important for the mucous membranes. In addition, sage is recommended for sore throat.

Get well!

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