Philips DVD player with HDMI cable to LG TV does not work ... at Blaupunkt no problem ... Ideas?

My daughter connect an LG LED TV and we wanted the new DVD player from Philips. The TV recognizes that what works HDI1 is connected but do not get a signal ... we tried for fun time with me at Blaupunkt, the communication worked immediately without any configuration or other settings ... has anyone a hint how we could get it ?? In the menu we find neither the television nor the DVD player a hint. Should I COAX connect additionally ??? THANK YOU for good advice :-)

The best answer

Either the HDMI cable is too long, or the quality of the cable too bad. The Signalstaärke is when connected via HDMI crucial - and it is quite possible that the Blaupunkt a higher quality HDMI input than the LG, and thus are more familiar with a weak input signal.

Date: 2018-06-24 Views: 0
Tags: Technology

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